To Heart 2: March 12

By bluemist on March 12th, 2004

(Konomi’s house)
“Good morning”

Mother teases Konomi again.


“Umm… Taka-kun, yesterday’s promise, remember?”

“So bye…”

(After class)
Going to Konomi’s school… I remember the promise from yesterday.

(Konomi’s school)
And so I waited until late afternoon.

Konomi appears.

“Taka-kun, you came…”

“Umm… Taka-kun…”

Classmate “Konomiii… bye!!!” (in a crying tone)

“Bye bye! See you soon!”

“It feels like yesterday, as if we were just starting…”

“Yup, it was fun”

Konomi wants to go back to the school building…

We hear announcements, well we can’t enter the building anymore I guess…

“I really… had fun…”

“Walking to and fro with Taka-kun”

“Being with Charu and Yochie…”

“I thought it would last forever, but now it’s over”

Charu and Yochie seems to either be going to a different high school, or moving away, I’m not sure.

“That’s why today is the last time we’re together”

I asked her to say goodbye to them…

“It’s okay, we said our goodbyes enough”

“Besides… I decided to say bye bye with a smile on my face.”

“Because I never wanted to cry…”

“Going home together… I shouldn’t cry”

“I never wanted to cry…” (she starts crying)

“But… it’s okay now isn’t it?”

“It’s okay to cry now, isn’t it?”

Konomi cries a lot, I try to comfort her, as we go home together.