To Heart 2: March 13

By bluemist on March 13th, 2004

(My house)
Konomi greets me good morning.

She’s walking her dog (Genjimaru)

“I love walking my dog”.

I guess we’re walking together with the dog.

“Let’s walk a bit more”

“What’s wrong Genjimaru?”

Genjimaru seems tired.

I have to go now. I say goodbye to them.

(After class)
Yuji will come home with me (yuk)

“Have you got a girl you like already?”

Obviously not yet.

“It’s troubling if you don’t find a girl anytime soon.”

Yea as if.

Some talk about his aneki again.

(Hmm… I can’t read the text but it sounds like)

A thief? I hear noises…

I turned on the light and… the thief ran away I guess..