To Heart 2: March 16

By bluemist on March 16th, 2004

Konomi with the dog… and dog food?

I asked why Konomi is here.

“Umm… I thought about what you are doing…”

“There’s nothing wrong in going here.”

She was walking Genjimaru.

She called Charu and Yochie, and they seem to be busy with something. Maybe packing up for their transfer/moving out.

She’s quite bored.

“It’s already spring break, and yet…”

Anyway I guess we will go home together… which means:


She talks about Charu and Yochie.

Apparently her friends invited her to the other school they are supposed to transfer in (which seems to be a temple… Chie and Michiru are going to be priestesses?), but it seems it’s some private school and so money is needed.

Now it seems like Takaki is suggesting a dance party… farewell party?

Konomi can do folk dance…

“Something about that?”