To Heart 2: March 18

By bluemist on March 18th, 2004

I’m with boring Yuji again.

“Did you watch? Ogata Rina’s drama. (Rina Ogata is a character from one of Leaf’s earliest bishoujo games, White Album. She’s apparently a singing idol)

“What? You didn’t watch?”

“Someone who doesn’t watch Ogata Rina isn’t a human!”

“You are not really interested in girls, eh?”

“Anyway, you must see Ogata Rina, this is an order.”

“I want her autograph”

“Why isn’t my sister Ogata Rina herself? God is unfair…”

“Oof, keep that secret from Aneki.”

(Shopping District)
Saw Konomi.

Maybe I’m gonna help her shopping or something.

Shopping for bathwater ingredients apparently. (I don’t know too much about this but Japanese may be quite intricate with showers or bathing)

Konomi asked me if what kind of bathwater ingredient I like.

Choice: Something with iris leaves…

Konomi seems to like it too.

Talking about milk bath or wine bath… (Whoa, I know about milk baths… but wine? Expensive bathing…)