To Heart 2: March 19

By bluemist on March 19th, 2004

Konomi’s mother has some favor to ask.

She has to go somewhere tonight… so I think I have to be with Konomi.

“Thanks, so I leave Konomi to you…”

Konomi seems to blabber about shopping for groceries, the food, the bath, the futons or sleeping pillows…

Konomi wants to cook for me.

“Mother taught me how to cook anyway”

I seem to want to decline and just eat cup ramen.

“But you always eat those”

“Hmm… memo memo…”

Talking about food ingredients…

“Beef Curry”

Konomi is now “trying” to cook…


“That’s was close”


I offered help, but she told me to just watch TV and wait.

Later she let me help anyway.

She starts crying? Chopping onions!

We start eating…


Konomi starts comparing her cooking to her Mother’s.

After eating and taking baths…

Sleeping time?

She went to my room… and slept at my bed!

“I’m gonna sleep here…”

Don’t get any weird ideas. I sleep at the floor with the futon…

Lights out.

(slowly speaking here…)
“Ne ne Taka-kun…” (Hey hey Taka-kun)
“Eto ne…” (Umm…)
“E~to… Samu~ku~nai? (Umm… are you cold?)

“Seems like it’s been a while since we slept together” (Don’t get any bad ideas, LOL!)

“Are you asleep already?”
“Taka-kun… wake up…”
“Wake up…”

Whoa, she shrugged me awake.

“Let’s talk, let’s talk some more…”

About what?

“Umm.. umm…”

“Let’s play Shiritori” (Shiritori is a Japanese word game in which the players are required to say a word which begins with the final kana of the previous word.)

“Um… I’ll start”

I fell asleep again.

“Don’t sleep!”
“Wake up! Let’s talk more!”

Shrugged me again.

“If you sleep, today will be over…”

Choice: Okay let’s talk…

And then I speak of… a GHOOOOST STORRRYYYYYY….

“I don’t like ghost stories…”

I finally slept.

The next thing I know… I was sleepwalking! Konomi wakes me up in the bathroom.

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