To Heart 2: March 20

By bluemist on March 20th, 2004

Morning… someone is calling up.

It’s Yuji. He told me to go to his house. Well okay.

I told Konomi, who is still sleepy, I’m leaving.

(Yuji’s House)
Over at his house, I use the intercom to call Yuji.

Huh? Yuji doesn’t seem to remember calling me…

All of the sudden, I hear weird stuff over at the intercom, as if Yuji’s being wrestled!

Someone comes out of the house…

And… she finally appears! Tamaki Kousaka!

Guest Room
She seems to be speaking very formally to me. Yuji’s stories about her being a devil seems to be wrong.

She’s would even prepare tea for me…


She’s speaking formally, very formally.

I drink the tea.

“Do you want a second serving?”

“You have grown up…”

“It’s been a while, Takaki-san”

I seem to be admiring her entirely formal, warm aura. A full-fledged adult… (heh, I can already sense this is a big joke from miles away)

We talk about old times and Konomi.

I seem to hear a certain someone groaning in pain…

“Is there something wrong?”

Must be my imagination…

She is going to make me some breakfast.

“So, please wait here for a while, I will prepare it immediately.”

The groans return again.

I try to find where those groans are…

I see Yuji tied up in a closet!!!

“Do I look like playing around?”

I try to say that his onee-san isn’t as bad as he says, but obviously Yuji doesn’t believe so.

I untie him.

Yuji says that he wasn’t really the one who called, it was all Tamaki’s doing.

“Anyway, you are being fooled by aneki”

I still wasn’t convinced.

“Anyway we have to get out of here…”

Tamaki “Where are you trying to go?”


Here we go!

Tamaki “Yuji…”

Yuji “Wh-What?”

Tamaki laughs quite evil…

Tamaki “Tama-oneechan suki-suki dai-sakusen” (Tama-oneechan’s love-love mission)

Tamaki “… just a little more, I would have succeeded…”

Yuji’s starting to get goosebumps…

Tamaki “Yuji, be prepared.”

Yuji suddenly burst out like Bruce Lee, trying to defend himself.

They fight!

And the winner is…

“Where are you going, Taka-bou?”

I wanna go home.

“Not yet, I didn’t say my real greetings yet…”

She seems to be embracing me… or rather, strangling me…

“Hmmm… Taka-bou’s scent…”

I turned pale after that.

We converse a bit. Slowly she’s removing her extremely formal speaking from before.

Her true self isn’t too devilish as I thought, Yuji’s overexaggerating, but I guess that’s what a comically violent brother-elder sister relation is.

“Tadaima, Taka-bou…” (I’m back)

Went to bed. I had a rough rough day…