To Heart 2: March 21

By bluemist on March 21st, 2004

That’s weird, I turned off my alarm clock, but it rang again.

Whoa, Tamaki!

I ran downstairs and called Yuji. Yuji seemed to pick up the phone, so I tell him that his sister is here.

Yuji, suddenly acted like a speakerphone message (Leave your message after the beep). Obviously he doesn’t want any concerns about her sister.

Tamaki’s investigating my room. Hmm… no sign of adult magazines. I’m really not interested in girls.

Tamaki picked me up, asking me to go shopping with her. Of course I try to decline, but she insists.

She throws a tantrum!

“Why? It’s just shopping!”

Starts kicking stuff!

Well, I forcefully agreed.

Goodness, I want to change clothes but Tamaki is still in the room.

Now she strangles me!

“I’ll dress you up myself…”

Tamaki is starting to become devilish…

O my gawd! Konomi arrives!

Konomi “Whoa! Sorry! Wrong room! But it’s really Taka-kun’s room…”

Tamaki “It’s been a while, Konomi”

Konomi “Tama-oneechan?”

Konomi “Welcome back!”

Tamaki “From now on, we’ll be together, always together”

Konomi “Really?”

Tamaki “Really really, that’s why I came back you know…”

Konomi “Ahaa… yatta!”

Konomi now will join us in the shopping.

(Living Room)
Tamaki prepares us coffee and breakfast, and lectures me about eating more healthy food for breakfast.

Tamaki says that she met my grandparents as well.

(Shopping District)
Tamaki’s making me carry a lot of bags from all the shopping.

Tamaki and Konomi looks through clothes. Konomi found one she liked. Tamaki buys it for her as a present.

Konomi “But it’s kinda expensive…”

Tamaki “It’s alright, you’re almost like a sister to me”

Konomi “Umm… Tama-oneechan, I have a favor to ask…”

She asks for Tamaki’s old, grown out clothes that she doesn’t use anymore.

Tamaki “Awww… you’re so cute! I would have been so happy to have Konomi as my real sister.”

Tamaki “Besides, Yuji and Takaki has no girlfriends for me to play with…”

Apparently, I blush here at the thought of “girlfriend”… (maybe Takaki is starting to take interest)

Konomi “Taka-kun? You seem pale, anything wrong?”

I put up an excuse by blaming it on the heavy shopping bags.

Tamaki “By the way, what color do you like? Black, Pink, or Water Blue?”

Choice: Water Blue (same as me, bluemist!)

Tamaki “Hmmm… so you like shiny blue stuff… you’re a shima-shima maniac…”

(Shima-shima, tell me if I’m right, it’s something shiny right?)

Konomi “Taka-kun… I see you like those…” seemingly embarrased.

Tamaki seems to hand to me something… er… embarrassing… a shiny girl’s lingerie perhaps?

I turn away and distance myself from the two.


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great blog…

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shima shima=zebra/stripes