To Heart 2: March 23

By bluemist on March 23rd, 2004

Konomi talks about giving her dog a bath.

Konomi talks about me having the finals tomorrow, and after that, spring break.

“Hey, since Tama-oneechan has come home, let’s go somewhere with everyone this spring break…”

“Hmm… beaches, climbing mountains, amusement parks are also great…”

I seem to contradict her wide imaginations, so she asked me where would I like to go…

“Ohanami?” (cherry blossom viewing, basically picnics under sakura trees)

“Ohanami… it’s nice too”

“Do you remember that time? See, when we were still kids… when we were all together with our families…”

I remembered something embarrasing about Konomi, so…

“Why do you still remember something like that? Forget it!”

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