To Heart 2: March 3

By bluemist on March 3rd, 2004

Talking about playing cards. She’s weak at these stuff.

Gambling for candy?

“Nin-nin!” (wonder why she said that)

Met that bike girl again! Almost got run over again.

Useless talk with Yuu-kun again? Maybe about that bike girl.

Perverted talk again? Maids, waitresses and stuff.

Manaka-chan being clumsy again.

It’s looked like I’m trying to help.

“I’m alright! I can do these alone!”

“Sorry! Sorry! Sorry!”

“Why am I always like this?”

(After class)
Yuji again. I have sis-con (sister complex) With Konomi and Iincho?

“You and Iincho, if you would be going out with each other, others would see you as a nice couple.”

“Well good luck, I won’t cheer for you though sorry.”

What a joke.