To Heart 2: March 4

By bluemist on March 4th, 2004

(Outside Konomi’s house)
Met Konomi.

I seem to be praising Konomi for waking up early. Konomi isn’t convinced that I’m genuinely praising her.

Well at last, she hit me now!

Yuma-chan is quite feisty.

“Whose fault is it?”

“If you weren’t in the way, I wouldn’t have been late!”

“&*%^*^&^&%&*%&*” She talks a lot!

Manaka appears and asks if there’s anything wrong.

Manaka is apparently Yuma’s friend, but they’re in different classes.

Yuji again, talking about lunch in the canteen. He wants ramen.

Notices Iincho/Manaka only eats bread.

She can’t find a seat. I told Yuji to offer a seat but apparently some other classmate called Manaka to them.

Hurry eat.

Yuma interjects. Trying to annoy me.

“Don’t think you have won yet!”

Yuma got some trouble with some person at the canteen.


Met Manaka.

She offered some bread. She has too many?

Went to some local Cafe, Konomi is there.

Chie and Michiru appears.

Chie “Hi to you Senpai!”

Michiru “It’s been a while…”

They ordered something at the cafe. Chie mint-sky-blue-carnival-double… arrgh I give up, maybe some exotic drink (not sure if it’s even a drink).

Michiru has coffee and choco.

Konomi tasted some of their food.


Chie and Michiru fight about Konomi…

Konomi “Don’t fight”

Michiru “Not a fight, communication”

Konomi offered me her food, the friends stare…

The friends tease us…

Chie asked Konomi to keep a bit of distance to me, then… Chie sat close to me!

Konomi doesn’t seem to be jealous.

Chie “Charu… Formation B!” Michiru sat close to me too!

Konomi still not jealous.

Chie “Boring-nya…”

Konomi “What was that about?”

Chie “Don’t mind don’t mind.”

The friends say their goodbyes.

Konomi tells me about her friends.

They have a nice relationship.

Choice: Just like me and Yuji.

“Yup almost like that”

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Posted By: Skateboard Element logo On: May 20, 2010 At: 11:48 pm

wow ang cute ni yuma mag nalulukot