To Heart 2: March 5

By bluemist on March 5th, 2004

Yuji is in a bad mood, and he can’t sleep last night.

Yuji talks about… Tama-oneechan coming home! (Tamaki Kousaka, we’ll see her later)

Apparently Tamaki is Yuji’s sister.

Konomi seems happy. Yuji is not.

I didn’t meet her yet… or remember her… ancient history.

Yuji says that Tamaki might transfer to our school. Yuji is quite annoyed.

“Is there no God?”

Konomi is soooo YAY!

“I don’t know what Aneki is thinking…”

From Yuji’s stories, it seems Tamaki is quite feisty and annoying too.

(PE Class)
Baseball or Softball.

Yuji focuses on girls again.

“Girls are energetic”


I look at Yuma drinking in the fountain…

Yuji calls me because it’s my turn.

Choice: Low inside corner

Apparently it was a homerun… hard to get the ball.

I don’t know what happened after, but it seems like Yuma got all wet in the face for some reason, maybe because Yuji called her.

(After class)
Time to go home