To Heart 2: March 8

By bluemist on March 8th, 2004

I’m not quite sure, but it seems that Konomi was worried about me during the quake.

Konomi offered to play around somewhere after school, it seems that I declined though.

“Lucky item today is a blue keyholder”

She’s superstitious? Maybe just because of the quake.

“It’s cute isn’t it?”

She gave me the keyholder.

Yuji talks about maid robots again.

Some maid robot helping out at a school…

Huh?? Is she talking about Multi??? Whoa!

(To home)
At the school gate, Konomi doesn’t seem to be there, so I went home myself.

Along the way, Konomi caught up, said she was stuck up with some classmate talk and ran to catch up with me

I seem to be talking along the lines of “you shouldn’t have”.

“That’s not I wanted to hear from you”

“Like, are you tired from running? I’ll buy you juice… something like that”

“The kindness is the point”

Konomi seems to be forgetting something (to buy)? Mother would be angry…

Choice: Let’s apologize together.

“Taka-kun, thanks”

(Konomi’s house)
Well, her mother scolded Konomi a bit anyway. But for telling the truth, mother forgives her.

Konomi’s mother offered me to eat dinner with them.

Mother “Don’t be shy”

“YAY!” (She’s so cute when she does that)

Arrgh, we never see how the dinner went.

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Posted By: DarkShadow On: August 05, 2007 At: 3:46 am

Hiya, thanks for putting a run through Konomi’s storyline, really helps me ^_^, I can’t find a proper walkthrough =D.
Even said so, I don’t have the PS2 version, I have the XRATED PC version, so some dialogues are different.(For example, when Sasara appears)

And it’s not that she forgot to buy something here. It’s that she broke her new bought pair of shoes because she ran too much with them.

Too bad this log is so old, but is it really true you wrote them on the days of the game? That’s cool.

~ DarkShadow.

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