To Heart 2 OVA: Episode 1

By bluemist on February 28th, 2007

To Heart 2 OVA

At first I was not particularly anticipating the new To Heart 2 OVAs, seeing that the TV series failed my expectations a bit. Of course, having Ma-ryan and Sasara (and present-day Yuuki) animated is a nice bonus, but otherwise I stick to the original game for my fandom. I would only wonder in horror how they would dilute Sasara’s scenario (the longest scenario in the game) in a mere episode or two.

That is not the story though for the first episode. This one is about our robot maid Ilfa, and secondarily Tama-nee. Basically, Yuji the pervert desperately wanted a robot maid, and so his ever-reliable friend Takaaki asked the Himeyuri twins if Ilfa could be hired into the Kousaka residence for a few days. At first Ilfa thought that Takaaki is the one needing a robot maid, which sent her blushing (never thought she could be that emotional… for a robot). The twins said that it will be a nice chance for Ilfa to train and be better as a robot maid, so they agreed to lend her to Yuji.

At home, Tamaki is surprised that Ilfa is there. Knowing about the circumstances, Tamaki now proceeds to train Ilfa in cleaning, cooking, and other chores of the residence… all while kicking Yuji around because he is trying to film Ilfa’s sekushiness. Darn rich them Kousaka family, Yuji has, what… 4 kinds of video cameras? All of them broken by his sister because of his indecent antics. Seeing these, Ilfa thought that Yuji and Tamaki aren’t close, very unlike the Himeyuri sisters who love each other dearly. Knowing all along that this is not some training deal but just Yuji’s request, Tamaki said that Ilfa should not be too serious, but just be like a part of the Kousaka family. he’s lazy). Ilfa realized that she as well should be a bit strict to Yuji, so she treats him the way Tamaki usually does. Hell for Yuji begins now as if he has two Tama-nee in the house! Ilfa also is getting better at her chores and cooking. As her final ‘training’, Ilfa asked Tamaki to teach her how to…

Anyway, after a few days, Ilfa will now return to the Himeyuri sisters, so she thanks Tamaki for all the help, and gives Yuji a wonderful gift… er… actually Ilfa asked Tamaki to teach her the “Tamaki grip” that she always does whenever Yuji is acting crazy. And so Ilfa let one rip to Yuji!

What a filler episode. While the story isn’t particularly interesting at all, we have loads of Tama-nee, Himeyuri and Ilfa goodness here. But the best stuff in this episode is in the technical side. The animation has radically improved, as expected from an OVA, and Konomi-chan is sooooooooo cute! (she only appears a few times though) More interestingly, the background music is now taken from the original To Heart 2 game soundtrack! It sounded so nostalgic to me because I played the game. And the ending theme is actually Tamaki’s image song. There’s a short extra after the episode, where Yuma, Manaka, Karin and Yuuki order at some restaurant. Cute, and may be worth the admission more than the episode itself, if you are a Yuuki fan.

This is a nice start for the new To Heart 2 anime, not particularly groundbreaking, but enough to keep me smile. I think I am anticipating a bit now for the next one.


Posted By: suguru On: March 01, 2007 At: 1:56 am

Looks interesting, thanks for the review–good to see it sounds like this is better than the TV series (not that that’s too hard). Is OVA Takaaki any improved over the TV version, or is he just as spineless?

Posted By: moyism On: March 01, 2007 At: 2:58 am

I almost busted a nut over how much better the animation is for the OVA series! I only wish the TV series could have had the same quality, maybe it wouldn’t have sucked so much =/

I’m also in agreement about the in-game music. Makes sssssooo much of a difference if you’ve played the game. I was going “OMG, what scene(s) was this bgm in again?” Good stuff.

I was a little surprised they went more Ilfa-centric, considering her and the twins had like an 3 episode “arc” in the TV series. I’m not saying it was a bad choice, but sorta hoped Sasara would actually have some part in the series. At least the antics of Yuuji-Tamaki-Ilfa kept things rollin’ well enough.

And just as you have mentioned bluemist, the short extra is so worth watching/buying the DVD. Yuuki (and Marianne) actually had a line! XD

Oh to answer suguru’s question, Takaaki is about the same as he didn’t have too many scenes this episode. If anything, we all know for a fact Tamaki has Takaaki trained like an pet/slave to a T.

Posted By: cyw1988 On: March 02, 2007 At: 9:18 am

@Suguru: Hasn’t Takaaki always been spineless(before he gets serious on one girl?)

Nostalgia Nostalgia, pretty much had me recalling the days(and nights) that I played to heart 2. I thought the OVA was all right considering what was shown was not included in the game at all. However, I would really want to see a Sasara story though. Marianne sempai and her flying kick lawls~

Posted By: Gilberto I. Silva Jr. On: March 06, 2007 At: 3:48 am

Me second that.

Maa-ryan! 😀

And, of course, the melting ice-queen Sasara too!!

Posted By: Tsubasa On: March 08, 2007 At: 3:02 am

The episode was forgettable fun, but the short is totally worth the price of admission.

Yuuki & Maaryan

Posted By: suguru On: March 15, 2007 At: 1:26 pm

@cyw1988: That’s a very good point 🙂

I finally got to watch this…aargh, I wish the TV series had been this good too, but guess it’s better late than never. The animation quality really did beat the hell out of the TV series, and Ilfa’s no Multi, but it was still good to see her get some more screentime. It’s interesting they focused on Ilfa, when it’s not like she had zero screentime in the TV series–wonder who the next episode will put in the limelight.

I wonder what kind of allowance Yuuji has where he can afford that many camcorders though…kids these days must be spoiled…

Posted By: Oscar Villa On: March 18, 2007 At: 1:14 am

Nice, i wish sasara had apeard, has someone seen episode 2?

Posted By: Larry On: June 05, 2007 At: 9:45 am

What happened to Takaki Konno from the ToHeart2 anime?

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