To Heart 2 OVA: Episode 2

By bluemist on June 30th, 2007

To Heart 2 OVA

The second episode is about the sisters Manaka and Ikuno Komaki. This marks Ikuno’s anime debut! The game featured a bit of her in Manaka’s scenario, and so I was looking forward to her stint in the OVA. The OVA finally arrived, and well… it is still typical To Heart 2, aside from more fanservice than the usual. Anyway, this is the ever-present beach episode, and Ikuno is quite bored.

She sighs a lot. She’s like a snobbish little brat in this episode. While Konomi, Tamaki, Ruuko and Manaka are having fun with the two guys at the beach, she prefers to just stay at the shade alone. What a party pooper. Throughout half of this episode, she just sits there while all them ToHeart2 idiots have their fun. She starts to stare and look at them as if they were the bishoujo game characters (that they are). “Ahh, so Konomi’s the imouto-chara, then Tamaki’s the onee-chan-chara.” Ruuko… well, she can’t describe of course. Yuuji went back to the shade, then tried to hit (usual perversion style) on Ikuno. Of course, Tama-nee is there to save the day, and confiscate his camera. Takaaki came back to the shade. Ikuno now wonders why her Aneki likes this person, he is soooooooo normal. And clueless too.

The group then went to eat, and Ikuno still wonders, while Manaka is at her usual clumsy stint. Ikuno sighs and thinks that Manaka won’t get her man like this. It seems to me that Ikuno is trying to bridge Takaaki and Manaka closer, but at this state (Takaaki-clueless and Manaka-clumsy), hope is fading. Anyway, Ikuno ‘finally’ went away from the shade to buy a drink, then she gets attracted to the surroundings. She found a nice shore of the beach where crabs and shells abound. Takaaki then appeared. Ikuno does her snobbish style and confronts him like a softer ‘tsun without the dere’ girl. During the conversation though, she notices that Takaaki called Manaka by her stature-name “Iincho” (class president), very unlike the first-name-basis of the other girls he calls. In Japanese terms, this implies that Takaaki is quite distant from Manaka, and so Ikuno is quite pissed.

Then Manaka appears. After displaying her clumsyness again by falling into the water, the three now go hunt for some nice shells. Takaaki now tried to call Manaka using “Komaki-san”. HAH! Ikuno is also Komaki-san! Ikuno puts him in a bind, trying to force Takaaki to call Manaka by her first name (again, Japanese terms, implying closeness of friendship/love?). “Ikuno-chan… and………. Manaka-san.” Hah, he said it! Now then, Ikuno leaves them alone and hides to see if Manaka can be first-name-basis with Takaaki too (all this time she calls him “Kono-kun”). Few moments pass, and they just won’t budge. Ikuno sighs again, and tries to stand up, but then she trips and hurt her foot. As usual, Takaaki does his kindness act and helps Ikuno. Manaka thanks her, and whoa, calls him “Takaaki-kun”. Blushes abound. After that stint, they go back to the others. And seeing that nothing seems to have changed in Manaka’s clumsyness, Ikuno sighs again. At night, they did their hanabi (fireworks), and Ikuno teases her sister that her boyfriend is calling. Manaka in denial mode again.

Throughout this episode, Ikuno went from snobbish brat to rabu rabu daisakusen master, lol. She really is an interesting character, and I would love to play her scenario when the new To Heart 2 game is released. As for this episode, it’s quite good for an OVA, cuteness and service aside, but still leaves me craving for more. Final episode is still months away, when we finally have Sasara and Ma-ryan animated! Yes!


This is a Summer of Bishoujo 3 feature


Posted By: Sailor Enlil On: June 30, 2007 At: 5:42 pm

Quite a fun episode this one is.

My favorite general (i.e. not focused on Manaka) stuff (in no particular order):
1. Ruuko swimming like she had a jet-ski strapped on her belly (and humming “Ruuuuuuuu…” while doing it)
2. Yuuji taking pictures of Konomi’s and Ruuko’s butts, and Manaka’s cleavage
3. Konomi’s “indirect kiss” (i.e. drinking out of Takaaki’s cola bottle after he drank from it himself)
4. Tamaki’s bikini, especially how it looked on her glorious pose under the sunlight when she confiscated Yuuji’s camera (I have a composite of her whole body in a JPEG image from that scene just to admire it), as well as the view between her sexy thighs while she was standing over her cowering brother
5. The fact that every girl out having fun was in a bikini, which looked rather appropriately pretty on them (seems one-piece swimsuits are sooo out-of-fashion these days)

My favorite Manaka stuff:
1. Manaka with her mouth full (along with her struggle to get a drink after choking on all that food)
2. Shots of Manaka’s bust and cleavage (which look better than they used to, in the TV series and the game – could it be her bikini top was also a push-up bra?)
3. Manaka goofily swimming with her head down and rear-ending Takaaki (right after the Ruuko-jet-ski scene); she looked like a water-zombie creeping up on him 😀
4. The hugging scene
5. Her embarrassment after calling Takaaki by first name
6. And of course, Manaka’s stylish bikini (nice color patterns on white, and an almost sporty look)

Posted By: Oscar Villa On: June 30, 2007 At: 10:11 pm

I havent seen this one but im hoping to see it soon, does someone got some info on ova 3, i whis it was about Sasara

Posted By: moyism On: July 01, 2007 At: 2:39 am

The To Heart2 OVAs are of AWESOME and WIN, period.

Oscar, yea OVA3 should be released 9/28/07 and should feature Sasara and Maryan. If I understood the extra correctly, OVA3 should be about the school festival and school council president (which I assume is Sasara).

Posted By: Oscar Villa On: July 03, 2007 At: 9:45 pm

hey um the ova came with a extra cd that had sasara, what was that a cd drama,a sound track or something else?

Posted By: Sanc On: July 05, 2007 At: 12:09 am

I’ve been reading the Colourful Note ToHeart2 manga and they’re just about to introduce her too!

..I’m only reading the volumes so I dont know the latest issues that hasn’t been turned into a volume yet XD

p.s. Colourful Note is a fun and great read, if you like ToHeart2 you should definitely give it a go!

…that is.. if you havent read it yet 😛

Posted By: moyism On: July 05, 2007 At: 2:08 pm

Oscar, just like the first OVA CD extra, “Coach” Karin helps the various girls prepare the OP song or whatever life problems they have. First vol was Yuki if I remember correctly.

Each CD has whichever featured girl sing the OP as one of the final tracks BTW. Afterwards, there’s a short track with the featured girl seiyuu talking about the series, etc etc.

For the second vol, Sasara goes for Karin help in being more confident or something… which ends with Karin and Sasara doing role-playing that sounds a lot like scenes from any dating sim game 😉

Posted By: Ronin On: July 11, 2007 At: 1:30 am

Awesome adaptation, isn’t it? Makes me wait for the subs to come out (or watch it raw in case I’m desperate). 😉

Posted By: Shaun On: July 16, 2007 At: 4:49 am

Great episode!

Posted By: Oscar Villa On: July 20, 2007 At: 9:41 pm

i have look every were including youtube and i havent found not even a raw

Posted By: Anime Girl On: August 17, 2007 At: 6:23 am

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Posted By: To Heart 2 OVA 3 at hontou ni sou omou? On: November 17, 2007 At: 8:53 am

[…] didn’t even bother to blog about the second episode of the OVA firstly because I lost the file during my previous laptop went kaput in August but also […]

Posted By: Justin Timberlake On: June 22, 2010 At: 12:47 am

wow ang cute ni takaki at si manaka