To Heart 2 Review (Part 2)

By bluemist on March 14th, 2004

Review Coverage: March 7 to March 13

This week seems to be composed of days where nothing much has happened, but towards the end some heartwarming stories are abound.

Okay, here’s when I discover that indeed, Konomi is in junior high. In Japan, this seems to be the precursor to high school. It’s quite different with our own educational system, so that left me a bit confused. Konomi is also graduating on March 12, that is a Friday.

March 7
An earthquake happened. If this were to be the Sunday when Takaki and Konomi were supposed to go to an amusement park, I guess it’s obviously cancelled now.

March 8
Konomi and Takaki were talking about the quake maybe. Konomi turned superstitious by giving him a lucky item, a blue keyholder. At lunch, Yuji talks about useless crap again, but this seems to be interesting this time… because he seems to be describing a certain “maid robot” that has graced the grounds of their school years ago. Apparently it’s due to research and data acquisition that this maid robot is placed in the school, and the data served as the basis for the new models of maid robots for today. Well what do you know? It sounds like an oh too familiar story of HMX-12 Multi!

Going home, Konomi caught up with Takaki by running wildly. Takaki seems to be stubborn and didn’t worry about Konomi’s health too much. Also, Konomi made some mistake I’m not sure of, which may make her mother angry. Takaki said that they’ll apologize together, and so they did. At Konomi’s home, her mother scolded her a bit, but for telling the truth, she forgives her. The mother she also invited Takaki to eat dinner together.

March 9
That morning, Konomi’s mother gave Takaki more food. She seems to be caring a lot more about Takaki than her own daughter, and it made Konomi a bit jealous. You may think that their relationship is a bit weird, but on the contrary, it’s very strong. That’s why the mother is teasing her daughter so many times.

March 10
Konomi seems to have a little cold, but it’s okay I guess.

March 11
Konomi woke up late again. She tries to catch up to Takaki. Anyway after class, they go home together. On the way, Konomi talks about her graduating junior high. Tomorrow is graduation day, and so she may be going home late. She’s saying this in a somewhat somber tone. Konomi asked Takaki if they could still go home together tomorrow. Takaki promised to wait for her even in late afternoon. Konomi was happy with this, to the point that she got dizzy a bit because she’s jumping around like crazy.

March 12
This is quite an important day for Konomi. It’s graduation time, so we know what that means… Anyway in the morning Konomi reminded Takaki of the promise. And so after class, Takaki went to the junior high school. He waited until late afternoon, when Konomi appeared. Yup, graduation is the time for goodbyes. A classmate greeted Konomi goodbye, in a seemingly crying tone. Konomi told Takaki about how much fun school is, and she’s can’t believe it’s over.

Chie and Michiru will be in another school after graduation. Apparently, Konomi won’t see her two friends anytime soon, and the fun times at school will be over, and so she starts to cry. I suggest you guys read the dialogue in the March 12 entry. If this were in anime form I would be definitely touched. This is IMO the best event in To Heart 2 so far.

March 13
While yesterday seemes sad we see Konomi now recovering. She walks around with her dog named Genjimaru. Takaki joined them for a bit before going to school. At school, Yuji talks about going home together (yuk). Outside, they seem to have a man-to-man talk about getting a girl. Takaki has no girlfriend yet, and Yuji doesn’t seem to like that (YUK!) Yuji also told some things about her elder sister again. Yuji really is quite annoyed at her elder sister.

At home, we seem to hear noises as if there is someone in Takaki’s house! A thief? Takaki quickly turned on the light, and the thief escaped and ran.

And so the second week of To Heart 2 has passed. The week may be quite short, but it comes with a heartwarming scene about graduation, friendships and goodbyes. This may seem like a relatively simple plot, but in real life, it’s really hard to say goodbye. This game really reflects about our real lives.