To Heart 2 Review (Part 4)

By bluemist on April 10th, 2004

Review Coverage: March 21 to 24, April 7-10

I think this is the halfway mark of the series. Many things have happened. There’s spring break, and also we see Konomi finally going to the same high school as Takaki. At this point, I also get to clear up some of my own confusion such as where did Konomi’s junior high friends go.

Some days at spring break (March 25 to April 6) weren’t featured in detail. Some events however were told in flashbacks.

March 21
This day sees the meeting of Konomi and Tamaki. Konomi is very happy to see her onee-san again. Tamaki prepared them a little breakfast, and then offered to go shopping. Takaki is obviously the bag-boy in this event, while the girls are having fun shopping for clothes and… er… girls-only clothes.

March 22
It was all Takaki talking to himself.

March 23
Konomi walks with her dog again. She was thinking on how to give her dog a bath. After school, Konomi meets Takaki, and talks about the upcoming spring break. It would be nice to do something on spring break. Konomi suggested a lot of things, while Takaki suggested a cherry blossom viewing picnic, it is the season of sakura after all.

March 24
Konomi and Tamaki reminds Takaki again about their plans at spring break.

April 7
This day, our gang seems to be spring cleaning with the kids outside. While they’re at it, Takaki remembers his memories of spring break. While the other days were less eventful, on March 30, they actually did the cherry blossom viewing picnic.

April 8
It’s the start of class again, and Konomi finally goes to the same high school as Takaki! She asks Takaki if her new uniform is weird. Also, a big surprise is that Tamaki actually transferred to their school as well! As usual, Konomi is very happy to be with her onee-san, while Yuji thinks it is a nightmare in the making. After class, Tamaki offers Konomi to go to her house, while the boys go to the game center. Konomi, wanting to go both ways, got confused a bit.

April 9
After class, Takaki meets Konomi. Tamaki still doesn’t seem to be around, and so they agreed to go to a nearby cafe without her. Well eventually, Tamaki appears in the cafe, quite angry at Takaki about it, but Konomi is also partly to blame. After that, Konomi’s junior high friends (Chie and Michiru) arrive! Seeing that they have not met Tamaki before, they do their formal introductions. Then the two girls talk to Takaki a bit away from Konomi and Tamaki. Because they are rooting for a Takaki X Konomi love love affair, they see Tamaki as a threat. Nevertheless, they are relieved that Takaki answered correctly their (revealing) questions.

April 10
In the morning, Konomi seems to do morning exercises. Actually, this seems to be preparation for her freshmen physical exams. Takaki sees that Konomi is in a good mood all the way when they walk home together. Well Konomi spilled the beans and embraced Takaki, telling him that she has gotten a bit taller.

We see that slowly Takaki and Konomi’s relationship is getting closer, despite Tamaki’s appearance and Takaki’s continuing stand about not being interested with girls. The addition of Tamaki to the group (now consisting of Takaki, Konomi, Yuji and Tamaki) gives a bit more rapport and comedy to the events that happen everyday. Poor Yuji, I don’t see him bursting out his weird hobbies lately (about robot maids and girls), he is being relegated to be a punching, or rather pinching bag of her elder sister Tamaki. The event at the cafe with Chie and Michiru signifies that slowly both Takaki and Konomi are slowly recognizing their feelings toward each other. It just needs a little more push by the friends. It is further seen by the events at April 10, where Konomi embraced Takaki, an important first.

I’m slowly getting the hang of it. It is really quite challenging this time, and I can only fear bigger challenges ahead when they already talk about more specific things. So far, many events in To Heart 2 are simple, everyday events that can happen to real people given that kind of situation. As a result, simple Japanese conversations are used. As we get more story details from now on, the Japanese may be getting more and more complex, and that will be hell for me. The good news is that I’m now past the halfway mark, and I am confident that I can finish this ridiculous project once and for all.