To Heart 2: Sasara Kusugawa

By bluemist on December 28th, 2005

Generic disclaimer: Same basic rules apply as in my To Heart 2 project. Please do comment or contact me in case I have mistakes in describing each girl’s scenario.

Sasara Kusugawa is the new character scenario added in To Heart 2 XRATED. As such, it is possibly the longest, but for some reason, the most eventful. Despite its length, her story is one of record. I may go so far as to say that this is the best To Heart 2 scenario! Maybe it’s personal opinion, but then again, Sasara’s character isn’t exactly my favorite type, and yet her story captivated and hooked me up. Not to mention the introduction of the best supporting character in the game too!

It isn’t exactly all good. Through the middle, there seemed to be filler events featuring almost all the other girls of To Heart 2. Yup, they show up one after the other in seemingly cameo roles. Completely a service to their fans. Sasara’s fandom may be one in question, because her ending is unconventional in this type of game… which I like though. Also, be warned that this scenario contains more than enough fanservice to alienate you, and that is still aside from the obvious H scene. True to the XRATED brand, it seems. I’ll keep the fanservice pictures at a minimum level… hopefully. So without further delay:

Be warned… very long read.

Cold Reputation
Many know that the school’s Student Council President this year is a cold, serious, strict girl that seems unapproachable. This reputation doesn’t exactly mean that she’s popular. The Student Council itself seems to be losing its grasp on school matters too. One day, Manaka announces to her class that the SC needs to hire a volunteer for the upcoming high school graduation rites. This caused protest in the class, because no one wants to do it, so Manaka is forced to decide by draw lots. The winner is… Takaaki! Manaka apologizes but it can’t be helped, Takaaki is now a volunteer for the SC. This spells trouble for him. For one, yup, the SC President Sasara is a girl. If you remember, Takaaki is quite uncomfortable with girls.

On Sunday, Takaaki and Manaka meet on the school grounds for the graduation preparations. Sasara seems to be late/missing, so Takaaki offered to find her. He finds her at the rooftop, tearing something up and crying. At this point, she seems to have fainted, so Takaaki assists her to the clinic. She is quite thankful, but she coldly says that he should forget what he saw, and not associate with her so much. Takaaki is still a volunteer for the SC though, so one day he meets up with Sasara at the SC room. Sasara, being the “Ice Queen” that she is, keeps a lot of distance from him.

However, because of a certain girl, Sasara and Takaaki would be closer to each other. That girl is none other than Marianne (Ma-ryan), the IMO funniest and most lively girl in To Heart 2! Supposedly she is Sasara’s best friend, a senior, and a former SC President herself at that. Quite a blockhead too, she has low grades and seems to be delayed at schoolwork (dunno how this works, more later). I can say that this girl is the ultimate spoof character in the game. Defy logic in this one, because she “copies” almost all cute tendencies of the To Heart 2 girls. Konomi’s eheee~, Ruuko’s ruu~, Yuma’s signature line, Tamaki’s love-love operation, etc…

Anyway, Marianne meets Takaaki one afternoon, and immediately does her barrage of comedy. She calls Takaaki as Taka-ryan and Sasara as Sa-ryan, and tries to “set-up” the romance between the two. First up is her version of Tamaki’s love-love operation called crying face operation! Marianne tells Takaaki to hide inside a locker in the girls’ PE dressing room. Expect the expected folks.

Marianne really is hell bent on pitting the two into embarassing situations to hopefully melt Sasara’s icy attitude. This scenario led me personally to learn about the term “tsundere”. Vaguely, tsundere is the type of girl who is usually cold and a snob at first but eventually warms up to a guy she would eventually like. With Marianne’s constant cheering (“L-O-V-E SA-RYAN GO GO!!”), and a couple of fanservicy situations, you’d think Sasara would warm up now? Not quite yet.

Sasara doesn’t really seem to hate Marianne even though she is being teased a lot. But one day, when he was out on an SC errand, Takaaki finds something rather disturbing. It is a torn picture of Sasara. He hides it for now, but then Sasara and Marianne started fighting. Marianne said that she will now graduate and is off to another school, leaving Sasara behind. Sasara is on a state of denial. Because she loves Marianne so much, she reacts the opposite way (“I don’t like anyone! I won’t like anyone! Being alone is fine! I want to be alone!”) She also keeps distance to Takaaki further, saying that it is for his good, because it could only hurt to be close to her. She tells Takaaki not to associate with the SC anymore. After the incident Marianne invites Takaaki to a little sort-of drinking session, telling some more about Sasara’s condition. Sasara is quite a weird girl. I wouldn’t call it a psychological problem, but there may be a deeper reason for her weird attitude.

One weekend, Konomi and her dog Genjimaru met Takaaki over at the school grounds. Suddenly the dog smells out and finds something. Takaaki was very shocked and saddened at what he saw. The next day, he decides that he will be a class representative! Class reps report to the SC, so this is one way to reach Sasara once again.

Baton Catch
And so the graduation rites came. As SC President, Sasara was supposed to be there, but she’s at the roof sulking. Takaaki confronts her, and shows her something. Actually, the one that Konomi’s dog found was the other half of Sasara’s torn picture… and has Marianne on it. It was actually the picture Sasara teared up when Takaaki saw her for the first time. Takaaki forces her to return to the ceremonies. She puts up her speech, but when she’s almost finished, she started crying.

Sasara started throwing a tantrum, trying to convince Marianne not to graduate and leave her behind. Marianne opens up and tells the reason why she became her friend and even made her join the SC. Marianne hates Sasara, figuratively. “I hate you. Unlike an idiot like me, even if you are smart and beautiful, you always feel like the world is ending.” Being a klutz and having low grades, Marianne is frustrated that someone so smart and beautiful can be so unsociable and sad. “I tried to take the Sa-ryan I hate away.” That is why she is continually trying to make Sasara enjoy life. Marianne apologizes for failing to make her happy, and so now she would leave it up to Takaaki.

After the graduation rites, Marianne entrusts Sasara to Takaaki. From now on, she wouldn’t be by Sasara’s side too often anymore. So Marianne signifies this with a “baton catch”. Takaaki is next in line to take care of Sasara.

Ever since, Takaaki and Sasara have been pretty much close. They’ve gone out on a couple of dates, including one in an aquarium. Seems like Sasara likes jellyfish, and knows rather a lot about them. She kept blabbering about jellyfish until Takaaki became alienated. Sasara apologizes, and also exclaims that Takaaki had an inexplicable face, similar to that of her mother. On their second date, they eat at a local fastfood. Takaaki was quite amazed that Sasara, being a rich girl, seems to eat food for the masses. But there seems to be some deeper reason for that. In any case, Sasara once again talks about her mother. There doesn’t seem to be any mention of her father yet.

At school, they do the regular SC work, and they go home together afterwards. Sasara says she likes to go to mountains, beaches, anywhere that has a relaxing atmosphere. Despite this, she still has that solemn look on her face. She sighs and stays quiet whenever something she said is disagreeable to Takaaki.

One day they were supposed to go to the computer room and fix its networking, but neither of them knows much about computers. Sasara even got entangled by the wires! Enter the Himeyuri twins! Sango-chan is quite a computer master, so she fixes the job. Ruri as usual gives a suspectful glare at Takaaki.

Food Problem
Takaaki discovers that Sasara’s mother doesn’t actually cook anything for her child. She is only given money to buy food. One day, Takaaki offers to cook for Sasara. Sasara forcefully accepts even though she dislikes the idea. And so Takaaki asked help from the cooking specialists, the Yuzuhara family! Konomi and her mother taught Takaaki how to cook ebi fry (fried shrimp). Takaaki now cooked for Sasara, but then something weird happened. Upon eating, Sasara suddenly cries and seemed to faint! She is brought to the clinic. Confused, Takaaki called up Marianne. Marianne explained that there are certain food that Sasara cannot eat. Don’t ask me why because I’m confused myself, but maybe it’s a sort of reactionary allergy to certain types of food. Marianne reminds Takaaki of the “baton catch”, and tells that he should do his best to take care of Sasara. Sasara apologizes for hiding her weakness, and tells that she can eat certain food like curry, hamburger, and spaghetti.

“I Shall Return!”
Someone please explain this to me. At the start of the new school year, we know that Konomi entered the school, and Tamaki transferred also. What I don’t understand is… Marianne has returned! She seemed to have failed in transferring to another school. It’s confusing, because she should have already graduated from this school. Maybe because of her lag on studies? What was all the drama for then, if she returns to the school again? In any case, Marianne doesn’t appear too much, maybe she’s busy on her studies.

The New Student Council
With new students coming, Sasara and Takaaki alone cannot handle SC work. Remember, they are the only members right now. There’s also this issue of needing a vice president. Takaaki refuses the position, and so Sasara wants to find a vice president. Takaaki started asking people for the position. He asks Manaka, but she’s already busy with class rep work. Yuji is out of the question, but he asks anyway. But Yuji has another idea… how about Tamaki?!? Tamaki seems oh too perfect for the part, but it took a lot of convincing from Takaaki. Seeing that he is doing this for Sasara’s sake, Tamaki agrees. Plus she drags along even Konomi and Yuji to help out. The new SC is formed!

Suddenly, reputation of the SC goes quite high. With beautiful girls on the helm of the SC, Tamaki and even Sasara got to have fangirls! Sasara even got some food as a gift, although I don’t think she can eat those because of her weird allergy.

Random SC Activities
Up next are some seemingly filler activities by the SC, but I guess this is the part when Tamaki and the gang notices something about Takaaki and Sasara’s relationship. First up is Marianne’s suggestion on how to improve the school canteen… by having maids in maid outfits! And the obvious victim… Sasara! This caused a ruckus, and was eventually scrapped.

Another activity was the SC checking out the validity of some school clubs. They notice a rather unpopular club. So they went to the gym backroom, and found Karin, Mystery Club president… and only member. Clubs with few members usually get disbanded because they’re taking up room space, but Karin begs the SC not to do it with her club. As payment, she does some “interesting” stuff… hypnotism. And the obvious victim… Sasara! Karin does hypnotism to Sasara, turning her into a 4-year old, a poltergeist, a girl from a lost civilization, etc. So many weird things happen, and so the SC decided not to scrap the club… out of sheer fear.

Rumors surface about a ghost roaming about in the school grounds at night. And so the SC and Marianne gather up to investigate! At night, they go by pairs exploring the school grounds. Of course, Takaaki and Sasara is paired up. Sasara is quite scared to walk and even to go to the comfort room alone, so she has Takaaki close by! At one point, they find a very spooky person… Ruuko! Ruu~! She meant no harm, and so I guess problem solved. So Ruuko says that the 7 of them should leave… wait… 7? (Takaaki, Sasara, Marianne, Tamaki, Konomi, Yuji) Who’s the 7th? Sasara freaks out!

The SC is planning to hold a treasure hunting contest, and they are doing the preparations. By now, everyone around Takaaki and Sasara expects them to already be a couple. Tamaki has some doubts though, so she asks Takaaki directly. Takaaki couldn’t give a straight answer (his anti-girl hormones reacting), and is merely just cheering Sasara on her SC work. Tamaki knows how much Sasara needs Takaaki, that is why she is disappointed with that kind of answer. Yuji too is disappointed that Takaaki can’t take care of Sasara, and now steps in as a rival “if you’re not serious about her…”

One day, Sasara enters into a conversation where she is being teased to Takaaki. Sasara however rejects the idea and says that Takaaki is closer to Tamaki than to her. This is obviously a lie, because again she is in a state of denial. After class, when Takaaki asks about Sasara, Tamaki said that Sasara went home along with Yuji. Tamaki confronts Takaaki again, saying that he is too kind, it’s already hurting Sasara. “You just want nothing to happen everyday”, meaning Takaaki doesn’t want to move forward into a relationship with Sasara. Even Marianne talked to him, jokingly trying to… er… seduce him so that he can overcome his fear with girls.

While Yuji and Sasara are getting a little bit close, rumors now spread about a Tamaki X Takaaki relationship. It is because of the denial comment from Sasara earlier. This caused a rift between Tamaki and Sasara too. If anything, Tamaki is defending herself (because she loves Takaaki in secret?) telling Sasara not to play with her feelings. Sasara should fight for her own feelings. Tamaki is seriously angry for a while.

Things are going way more haywire. Sasara suddenly asks Takaaki for a date again at the aquarium. Afterwards, this weak girl stepped forward and said… “make love to me” (OMG!!) So the two got into a love hotel and… no folks… nothing happened. Takaaki says it’s for the best, trying to protect Sasara’s feelings. Sasara now thinks she was foolish having said that.

However, that night, Marianne confronts Takaaki in front of his house. This is the only time we see the usually comic Marianne be seriously angry. Even though Takaaki explains that nothing happened, Marianne saw as if the world is ending around Sasara once again. Sasara is obviously devastated that her relationship with Takaaki can’t possibly move forward because of this. Takaaki didn’t even merely hold nor embrace her with comfort while in the love hotel. Takaaki thought that she was protecting Sasara that way, but in the end he only protected himself. Marianne’s barrage of words hit Takaaki hard, and as if it’s not enough, she even slaps him on the face. She regrets leaving Sasara up to Takaaki, and with the words once said by Ruri Himeyuri, “go hit something and die!”

Konomi and Takaaki went shopping for various goods they need for the upcoming SC Treasure Hunt. With all of Takaaki’s problems, and him not knowing what to do, Konomi actually gave some nice advice. Takaaki should not give up too easily, and should be happy. “You have to be happy too so that everyone can be happy.”

So the day of the Treasure Hunt came. For some odd reason, all the participants can’t even solve the very last puzzle in the contest. It is so weird and so specific, they got reminded of someone who did this trick to them once… Marianne! Sasara actually got weak during the contest, and was brought to the clinic by Yuji. Takaaki went to the SC room and found Yuji in there. Yuji now tells that he tried to confess to Sasara, but he got rejected oh too quickly. She has always been searching for Takaaki. And so Takaaki went to the clinic and finally decided to take their relationship one step further. He confessed. She accepted. And along with that, they even figured out what Marianne’s weird puzzle was (probably Marianne’s way to set them up again). Takaaki and Sasara are now officially a couple!

Not over yet folks!

Mother and Father
All seems right now. Tamaki and Konomi tease the new couple, saying they’re even hotter than summer in Hawaii, Guam or Saipan! Marianne even suggested to have a celebration (Takaaki will pay). But one day, as Takaaki walk Sasara to her home, Sasara’s mother appears! She looks like a very kind mother, and already knows about Sasara’s relationship with Takaaki. The mother seems pleased and even offered dinner together.

At another day, they meet Sasara’s father this time! Sasara introduces Takaaki to him, and they went to eat at fastfood (Sasara: hamburger). The father gave Sasara a certain book (he’s probably a writer). Sasara likes reading her father’s books. When they parted with the father, Sasara explains to Takaaki that she has separated parents. She lives with only her mother now, but sometimes she meets up in secret with her father. Takaaki and Sasara then meets the mother, and noticing the book on Sasara’s hand, now looks a bit irritated. But the mother says it’s ok (for Sasara’s sake), and offers to go shopping with the two, then a French dinner.

While shopping, Sasara is quite reluctant to pick up certain expensive clothes, saying it is too much trouble for her mother. Her mother thinks of it the wrong way, and said that maybe Sasara likes “that person” (her father) better. Sasara cries and is sad that her mother thinks of it that way. Her mother quickly gives in and apologizes for the misunderstanding. However, when they got to be alone, Sasara told Takaaki that she loves both her separated parents, and wants them to be together again, no matter what.

One day, Sasara was very surprised that her mother is actually at school! The mother apparently had something to say to the school staff, and takes Sasara with her to the office. Takaaki came to know about this, so he ran to Sasara and her mother. “This is goodbye”, the mother explains.

Sasara is going to America.

Sasara explains that recently her mother has been overprotective of her, and it’s because she is meeting with her father. This is her mother’s last ditch effort to stay away from her father, so they may not come back. Sasara obviously doesn’t want to go, so she and Takaaki set up a plan to meet with her father and tell the news. Sasara made an excuse to her mother that she will do some SC work in the school at Sunday. On Sunday, the two sneak out and meet with Sasara’s father. Over at a cafe, the father explains how the parents’ separation occured. Sorry I did not get too much details about the parents backstory, but if I can guess this is a story of conflicting dreams and priorities. The parents failed to make their relationship work because of too much giving in and sacrifice, and so they separated. Sasara is stuck in the middle of her conflicting parents, but she loves each of them very much. Her father tried to convince her to accept the offer and go abroad, but she refuses because she loves Takaaki.

“I’m continually breaking, but I can’t help it. It’s all your fault!”
Takaaki, Sasara, and her father went back to the school… but her mother appeared. She is so hysterical that she saw “that person” again, but she willing to forgive Sasara for lying that it is work, as long as Sasara accepts to go to America. The mother explains that everything she did was for Sasara’s sake. Finally (and I mean finally), Sasara revealed her true feelings.

“You’re giving me everything, but I didn’t want that! I wasn’t able to say what I want!”
“I wanted papa and mama to talk with each other! To love each other!”
“Papa, I don’t like hamburger. It is not delicious, but I can’t help it, I can’t eat anything else.”
“Mama, I thought you’d be happy that I am in the Student Council, but I didn’t like it. I was ignored, hated, not popular at all.”
“Even so, I tried my very best. If senpai and Takaaki were not there, I would be alone. Alone!”
“Why did this happen?”
“Is it because I’m not good enough?”
“I love you Papa, but you left me. You became scared of Mama, you just ran away from me.”
“I love you mama, but you think I love Papa better. You never believed my love for you!”
“I’m continually breaking, but I can’t help it. It’s all your fault!”

Sasara blames it all on her parents, and runs away. Since that day, Sasara and Takaaki has not been coming home, and to school. But actually she is hiding in the SC room along with Takaaki. They actually hide and sleep there at night, with Marianne and the rest of the SC crew helping and covering up for them. Marianne however says to them that running away will not solve anything. Nevertheless, they will fight for their freedom.

“I’m not scared anymore.”
Eventually, the teachers discovered the cover-up, and was out to put order into things. This turned into a chasing scene all around the school! Takaaki and Sasara went up to the roof and tried to hide, but then her parents appeared together. Her mother looks so devastated. She really loves her daughter, and offers to do anything that Sasara wants, as long as Sasara comes back to her. Sasara remains uptight in her decision to run away with Takaaki. As long as her parents can’t be together, she can’t go back. She will try to discover the meaning in her life. “That’s why I have decided, on my own. Father. Mother. I’m going… with Takaaki.”

Takaaki and Sasara now position themselves in the edge of the roof… waiting to jump! Are they committing suicide or something? And so with Sasara saying “I’m not scared anymore”, they jump!!!


Nah, Marianne has a net or a rescue bag set up below to catch the two fleeing lovers. Sasara holds Takaaki’s hand, and runs away.

Finally, an epilogue unlike all others. Sasara actually realizes that running away is not really the way to solve her problems. She will face it head-on, at least figuratively. Since then, her parents have been rethinking about their own relationship, and hopefully things would work out for the better. She agrees to go to America with her mother. This time she actually has the promise to come back to Takaaki when she becomes a better person. But Takaaki says that he will try to follow her to America. Sasara promises to write letters and call, smiles goodbye, and says that she will be waiting.

Final Thoughts
The separation epilogue is so appealing to me. It complements all the drama that has happened so far, one which I had hoped to see in Yuki and Lucy’s scenarios. See the sheer length of this scenario? I had a hard time summarizing it because each event seems important to her story (even the hamburgers get focus isn’t it?). All in all, this is the most enjoyable scenario in To Heart 2! While I’m not replacing my Manaka-love status anytime soon, surely there would be many fans of Sasara Kusugawa. It’s rather sad that, once again, To Heart 2 is over and done. Leaf, any more To Heart 2 coming?


Posted By: lyran On: December 28, 2005 At: 9:55 pm

man…so long story yet is I really like it….

you did’nt said about where the time of H-scence.

Posted By: cloudnine On: December 28, 2005 At: 10:01 pm

Great summary ^^ I have to admit, while her path was long, it was definitely one of the more enjoyable experiences I’ve had in a while.

I was seriously cringing to beat the senses out of Takaki for not even noticing Sasara’s feelings during the first arc of the story. Thick headed doesn’t even begin to describe the sheer agony I had reading his/my indecisiveness >..

Posted By: bluemist On: December 28, 2005 At: 11:54 pm

@lyran: I deliberately didn’t… lol.

Posted By: Idi On: December 30, 2005 At: 5:20 am

Wohaaaaa!!!! Thanks a lot!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sasara’s story and character are amazing!!!

Posted By: CCRain On: December 30, 2005 At: 9:58 am

What a great project^^ It takes me a long time to finish reading but that is really enjoyable.
With your effect, I will start Sasara scenario tonight~
I am now interest in the ‘H’ part of Sasara…

Posted By: MaxClowReed On: January 25, 2006 At: 1:18 pm

That are a great proyect, i’m very charmed from the 2nd part of To Heart thanks to you, Sarara is very cute and her Scenario is very dramatic, i like very much, thanks Bluemist

Posted By: Taka On: January 31, 2006 At: 2:23 am

I finished Sasara’s scenario now. I played it last seeing that it was long. Heh.

Okay, lots of corrections/supplement. I’m not even sure if this belongs here, it’s so long. And I’m also not sure if tags can be used here, so subject is in all caps.

Sasara cannot eat anything “handmade.” She can eat fastfood because it seems mass-produced and she can eat expensive French dinners because it’s so artistic it doesn’t seem like food.

Marianne’s explanation: “…it means ‘handmade’ is out of the question. You know how Sa-rian’s afraid of being loved? She basically doesn’t want to come in contact with anyone. But, to put something made by someone else into her body – do you think a bashful child like Sa-rian can handle?

Marianne is attending vocational school, but she skips classes to come visit. It seems that she also has a dubious job voicing for an hentai game.

It was rumored that Sasara appointed Takaaki as new VP, but Sasara actually hadn’t made up her mind. Sasara directly asks Takaaki, but to Marianne’s (anger and) disappointment, Takaaki declines, but offeres to find a VP for her. Several unexpected course of events makes Tamaki the VP candidate. (Which is approved by Sasara quickly.)

Marinne actually says “Go hit a tofu and die! Takaaki!” It’s actually an western Japanese saying. (You must be really stupid to die from hitting something as soft as a tofu.)

After turning age 4, Sasara is sent back to her previous life as a Mu warrior. Sasara (the Mu warrior) mistakes Tamaki for a warrior from Atlantis and starts to fight. After this commotion, Karin tries to bring Sasara’s conscious back to the present, but she makes an mistake and sends Sasara to the future. Judging from what Sasara said, Sasara is Hakuoro from “Utawareru-mono” (another game by Leaf) and mistakes Takaaki for “Eruru.” (It’s odd, because the gender is reversed. Hakuoro is male and Eruru is girl.) “Utawareru-mono” is going to be an anime. Please watch if you have time: the game was really good. ^^

He doesn’t hand her a book. It’s a stuffed animal of a some aquatic creature. Sasara’s father is a university lecturer and he barely makes a living out of that.

(I think it did say divorce, I’m sorry if I’m wrong)
Sasara’s father and mother were both art majors in college. They both loved art, and wished to make a living out of art and it was their dream to do so. They married while still attending college. But life wasn’t that easy. They soon had a child, Sasara, but there is a limit to how much an art student can earn. Sasara’s mother gives up her dream to make a living out of art, and transfers to a job at an advertisement corporation: she was a natural at it, and made decent money out of it. Sasara’s father, on the other hand, was very shocked at his wife for giving up her job. Sasara’s father wished to follow the dream forever, no matter how tough things got. But their ideals were different. Sasara’s father was happy merely “following” the dream, but Sasara’s mother wished to “attain” the dream, so she quit following her dream once she saw that it was unattainable. Sasara’s father was sometimes jealous of her new success, but this competition made him work harder, and he says that it was during these years that he created his best pieces of artwork. But soon Sasara’s father realizes the burden he was to his wife, he realizes that his wife sacrificed her dream so he can follow his. Shocked at this new realization, Sasara’s father loses his will to work. Sasara’s mother, seeing that his husband doesn’t have the light in him anymore, thinks that he doesn’t love her anymore. Sasara’s father, unable to bear this situation anymore, deserts the family. Sasara’s father leaves Sasara to his ex-wife, because he doesn’t want to take away the only thing he can leave for her; he thinks he’s already taken too much from her.

Posted By: ayyo On: February 05, 2006 At: 2:50 am

Yup, Taka speaks the truth. And a few more correction.

When Takaaki and Sasara ran away to live in school, Marianne-senpai did NOT help them or see them until Saturday night. In fact, she was the one who told the teachers and their parents about where they were hiding, thus the reason they stormed the place on Sunday. She strongly disagreed with their course of action.

However, in the end we found out she was still always on their side since she was the one who prepared the rope and net.

Also on the treasure part, since it was after their little event at the hotel, Sasara was tired from fatigue and Marianne-senpai took her to the nurse. She (Marianne-senapi) told Takaaki to leave as soon as preparation was done. Zoom to stuff with Yuji and blah blah. Yuji also gave Takaaki a piece of paper from Marianne-senpai. Then Takaaki goes outside where the teasure hunt was still going and the people complained about the vague hints. They start shouting them and the hints end up to be all Sasara related. Takaaki finally takes a look at the paper and it saids Sleeping Beauty. Konomi comments that there is only 5 minutes left. Takaaki figures out Marianne-senpai’s prize and runs for his life to the nurses room. She slaps him for being so slow and tells him to hurry. Takaaki didn’t confess inside actually, Sasara was still crying and depressed and refused to get out bed and rolled over each time Takaaki tried to grab the blanket. Then he finally figures out all along his feelings didn’t go thru because he needed to touch, so he grabs her hand, which surprises her to stop rolling, and run out to the treasure hunt. Konomi was counting down last 5 seconds and Takaaki yells Stop and claims he has found the last treasure, and he holds Sasara’s hands up, and Konomi saids Takaaki has found the treasure.

Also, its interesting to note how the connection to father and mother problem was shown since the beginning. Sasara had left one weekend to walk to the mountain with her father and when Takaaki saw her, even though she smiled he noticed something was wrong. Also, the hypnosis part with Karen, even though it looked like fanservice and fillerish, the part when she was 4 years old, she was really close to her ‘papa’. Its interesting to compare that to the time she was ‘vice presidentish’ with her father when he came to visit.

Oh, and Marianne-senpai was still president until she graduated, Sasara didn’t become president until she left. So its “Many know that the school’s Student Council VICE President…”.

And finally, on the epilogue part, Takaaki said he will work hard finding a part time job, and he will defianely go to New York on Christmas, and Sasara smiles and said she will always be waiting and it ends with that promise.

Posted By: ayyo On: February 05, 2006 At: 3:00 am

OH!! Forgot an important thing. After they ran away, in the epilogue, it saids they hided in an island (I think it was an island) for 3 weeks until the police found them and brought them home. Things were kind of normalish, with what not the school and parents complaining but there were minimal damage. Then we see Takaaki complaining about school work, with exams coming up and what not and the whole skipping school for a month thing. Then we see Sasara was in same room and merely nodded to his complaints because she was busy working. Then he wanted her attention and commented on how ecchi she has become and she complains. Then she got serious and mentioned the proposal of going to America with mother and etc etc.

Posted By: Darkjames On: May 21, 2006 At: 11:21 pm

The summary is perfect but..

..where i can get the game because i really want to play it, i just only saw the serie but isnt the same,PLZ help me to get it. My mail is

Posted By: HoL On: May 31, 2006 At: 3:24 am

Does Sasara have her own character song as the other?

Posted By: KCheh55 On: June 30, 2006 At: 9:22 pm

Sasara isn’t my fav character…but her story rulz! it’s long but very good!

Posted By: Martin.Tin On: January 06, 2007 At: 11:50 pm

I’ve just finished Sasara’s story today,although I had already knew the ending,but after I really finished it,I still feel that it is the best story in ToHeart2.P.S,Sasara is my fav girl in the game.

Posted By: mangamancer On: January 09, 2007 At: 9:24 pm

Could someone tell me how to achive the story line please?English walkthrough is nowhere to be find and I can only read some of katakana and hiragana.
I really love Sasara and Toheart2,plese help me,

Posted By: Arc2202 On: May 29, 2007 At: 11:45 pm

for the guide
-it’s in japanese though- well you can use some program to translate it if you can’t read it. makes me wonder why do you not mention their h-scene when they are hiding in sc -I think it is fairly important-

Posted By: Gladolock On: June 28, 2007 At: 2:11 am

Sasara’s story was (in my opinion) the best. With the original release, I liked Tamaki and Ruuko, but Sasara is just better 😛

Posted By: dencute On: August 03, 2007 At: 1:23 pm

wow!! nice story…

Posted By: sasara kawai On: September 13, 2007 At: 8:48 am

sasara kawai
uma menina que é muito timida
só isso que tenho a dizer
ah e esta muito legal

Posted By: Letícia Sasara On: September 28, 2007 At: 11:14 am


TdúH beem??

Mto boom esse site so faltava ser em portugues!!¬¬”


Posted By: sasara On: January 22, 2009 At: 12:26 am

onde eu posso encontrar imagens da sasara e das outras meninas (sem ser no google ou cade)?

porque as imagens que eu encontro são poucas…

Posted By: blackrose On: May 08, 2009 At: 10:40 am

oh, Sasara’s scenario ends with a little bit reality, which is contrary to the most part of TH2. However, I still admire the fresh and captivating lines of her voice.

Posted By: Giih On: August 13, 2009 At: 10:13 am



por favor qualquer informação deixem no meu email .

Posted By: Something doesn’t feel right… « Calamitous Intent On: March 01, 2010 At: 2:37 pm

[…] I can’t find my old DVD for TH2, and the only place where I can find a screen shot is over at bluemist, where the image is pathetically small and not enough to make a proper comparison…sigh… […]

Posted By: charle On: July 02, 2010 At: 7:47 pm

she, definitely, was the best heroine among all. I just couldnt bear taka’s cowardliness and stupidity. I dont think the ending wasnt great enough to make the whole story more savory 🙁

Posted By: MaryjoyPhilip On: September 15, 2011 At: 12:07 pm