To Heart 2: Timeline

By bluemist on November 8th, 2005

To, umm, confuse myself and other people with the non-linear events of the To Heart 2 anime (evil grin), I’ll be making a list of the sequence of events chronologically. This will be done using the various dates seen in the anime. As you noticed, sometimes they show dates in blackboards, calendars and signs. Some of the events may not have dates though, and so I will not try to complicate things by guessing. To Heart 2 is a simple enough anime, and I hope that this timeline will make things more simple for the non-gameplayers.

By the way, while the original game timeline assumes a 2004 calendar, the anime assumes a 2006 calendar instead. Wonder why…

Update: Now seeing a pattern on this, so I can safely assume certain events on certain dates now. I hope you aren’t confused yet.

Coverage: Up to episode 8

March 20
Konomi’s graduation ceremony, meeting with Takaaki – Episode 1
Having supper at Konomi’s house, Konomi plans to stay over at Takaaki’s house on March 25 – Episode 1

March 24
Tamaki meeting with Takaaki, love-love operation – Episode 2

March 25
Konomi staying over at Takaaki’s house – Episode 1

March 27
Takaaki, Yuji, Konomi and Tamaki shopping – Episode 2

March 28
Tamaki chasing Takaaki and Yuji around and into the temple – Episode 2
Manaka and Yuma sees Takaaki and friends flower-watching – Episode 3

April 5
Manaka was voted as class representative – Episode 3

April 6
Entrance ceremony, Konomi’s first day at the new school – Episode 1
Tamaki announces that she has transferred into their school – Episode 2
Manaka seen as a student volunteer for the entrance ceremony – Episode 3
Karin seen trying to invite members to her Mystery Club – Episode 5

April 7
Takaaki meets Ruuko for the first time – Episode 6

April 8
Ruuko transfers into Takaaki’s class – Episode 6

April 12
Homeroom, Ruuko tries to write into Takaaki’s library questionaire – Episode 5
Manaka gathers library questionaires – Episode 3
Karin sees Takaaki as a potential “target” – Episode 5
Takaaki helps Manaka in barcodes and library work – Episode 3
Manaka shows Takaaki her library room – Episode 3
Library staff tells Manaka to quit – Episode 3

April 13
Takaaki forced into joining the Mystery Club by Karin – Episode 5
Karin’s blackmail event at the gym backroom – Episode 5

April 15
Ruuko draws crop circles in the school grounds – Episode 6
Students seen cleaning up Ruuko’s crop circles – Episode 5
Karin meets Konomi, asks Takaaki for UFO hunting tomorrow – Episode 5

April 16
Karin and Takaaki’s UFO hunting at the forest – Episode 5
Karin plans for UFO calling, disguised as a star gazing event – Episode 5

April 17
Karin is interested with Ruuko, orders Takaaki to investigate her – Episode 6
Takaaki spotted, Ruuko is seen cooking fish and feeding the cat – Episode 6

April 18
Karin orders Takaaki to put a UFO detector collar on the cat – Episode 6
Cat runs into an accident, gets saved by Ruuko and Takaaki – Episode 6

April 19
Yuma hits Takaaki with her bike for the first time – Episode 4
Yuma and Manaka in PE, Yuma got wet because of Takaaki’s softball – Episode 4
Manaka talks to Yuma in the roof – Episode 3
Takaaki gets to know about Manaka’s problem with the library staff – Episode 3
Yuma confronts Takaaki while he is cleaning – Episode 4
Manaka decides to continue working for the library – Episode 3
In the library room, Takaaki invites Manaka on the star gazing event – Episode 3

April 20
Yuma’s challenge to Takaaki at the canteen – Episode 4
Yuma with Manaka at the library room, talks about tea and Yuma’s problem – Episode 4
Karin reminds Takaaki of the star gazing event – Episode 7
Takaaki tries to invite Tamaki, Yuji and Konomi on the star gazing event – Episode 7

April 21
Yuma slams her bike into Takaaki again – Episode 7
Konomi sees Takaaki talk to Manaka and Karin – Episode 7
Yuma invited Takaaki to a movie – Episode 4
Konomi sees Ruuko and Karin as she goes home – Episode 7

April 22
Manaka asks Takaaki a favor, Takaaki invites Yuma to the game center – Episode 4

April 23
Star gazing night – Episode 7

April 24
Takaaki meets Sango and Ruri for the first time – Episode 8

April 25
Sango starts showing up around Takaaki, and computer room event – Episode 8

April 26
Sango and Ruri at Takaaki’s house, Ruri cooks up a bad meal – Episode 8

April 27
Ruri attempts to attack Takaaki, she cries and runs away afterwards – Episode 8


Posted By: Anji On: November 13, 2005 At: 7:33 pm

This is good. Thanks! Takes some confusion out of the anime.

Posted By: Kiryuu On: November 15, 2005 At: 1:17 pm

IINM, Konomi stayed in Taka’s place the day after they had supper isn’t it ? and if I’m not mistaken, by then, she forgot telling something to him (probably Tama-nee’s return).

might be wrong on me though 🙂

Posted By: bluemist On: November 15, 2005 At: 3:50 pm

@Kiryuu: There was a shot of a calendar telling the correct dates (before Takaaki woke up Konomi). When Konomi stayed in Takaaki’s place, Tama-nee was already in town.

Posted By: Kiryuu On: November 15, 2005 At: 9:52 pm

un, missed the “next sunday” part in episode 1 ^^;
but is there a calendar in Tama-nee’s episode ?

Posted By: Skateboard Element logo On: May 20, 2010 At: 11:50 pm

shit ang cute sobrang cute ng toheart2 anime thanks 🙂