Tsubasa/CCS magic circles

By bluemist on May 4th, 2005

Taken from Tsubasa Chronicle and Cardcaptor Sakura:

I noticed that Yukito’s magic circle on Tsubasa Chronicle is somewhat similar to the original magic circles of Sakura. It’s kinda nice because in the TRC manga it was only minimally drawn so some people may not notice.

And there’s Mokona’s magic circle, which I’m not sure if it’s an original, or maybe from Magic Knight Rayearth. Sorry I didn’t watch Rayearth.

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Posted By: rixot On: May 04, 2005 At: 9:30 pm

Actually, I think that actually is Yue’s, and thus Yukito’s, magical circle in CCS (too lazy to go back and confirm). Considering where the respective characters draw their power from, all the circles seem to make sense.

Posted By: bluemist On: May 04, 2005 At: 9:39 pm

I only checked one episode about Yue/Yukito in CCS, and it’s the same as the Clow magic circle. Whether he has another one or not, I’m too lazy to find out further, hehe.

Posted By: Miko On: September 25, 2005 At: 11:47 am

…Mokona’s magic circle looks very similiar to that funny looking magical device/symbol Yuuko used in volume one of XXXHolic when she took Watunuki’s watch, it read Watunuki’s profile and these two magic circles look very alike…

Posted By: Zeke On: November 09, 2005 At: 5:57 am

The first and Second one look very alike, but the sun’s more prominiant in the second one.. >.

Posted By: Anthro On: January 20, 2007 At: 2:07 pm

The fourth one is Yuuko’s circle since she and Clow created the Mokona Modoki(s) together. Three of the symbols in the diagonals of the circle are the Rayearth “machine” symbols. The fourth diagonal looks like an infinite symbol to me. And by comparison, the main four corner symbols look something like Fai-fai’s back markings and staff. (Connection?)

Posted By: cryS On: June 16, 2008 At: 5:41 am

i think clamp got kinda lazy w/tsubasa concidereding most the characters were from older animes they made so its not surprising that the circles look alike

Posted By: Vinu On: August 23, 2008 At: 5:14 am

The difference I’ve noticed in the top two circles is that while Clow’s circle (the second one) shows the two sources of its power, the sun and moon, Yukito’s (the first) reflects his CCS incarnation’s nature as the moon guardian (yue) by replacing the sunburst with further moon symbolism. The blue colour is also probably meant to represent moonlight.

Posted By: Vinu On: August 23, 2008 At: 5:18 am

To add to what I said above, the symbolism in Sakura’s own circle from CCS, the third image, is clearly showing how while the magic she uses (the cards) retains its ties to the sun and moon, their main source of power is now Sakura’s own star. For this reason, the sunburst has been relocated to a smaller circle opposite the moon, and been replaced with a star symbol.

Posted By: kamixD On: November 01, 2008 At: 8:08 am

I love Mahou circles. i dont know what about them make the so cool. Enough to say that magic without circles is not cool at all xD

Posted By: Allegro On: June 12, 2009 At: 1:28 pm

Yukito’s magic circle is loosely based on the magic circle of Clow Reed, because, as Vinu previously said, Yukito is one part of Yue, who seems not to be a present in Tsubasa. Yukito draws his power from the moon, which is why the moon is omnipresent in his magic circle.

Clow Reed’s magic comes from the power of the moon as well, which was stated by Kero in the first series of manga, therefore the moon is prominent in his magic circle, while the sun is present to represent his blending of magic to make the Clow cards.

The first Sakura is using Clow’s circle, because she was effectively using his power in the first season to use the Clow cards, while in the second, she is drawing the power from herself (her own star) also as Vinu said. It represents its roots in both the power of sun and moon, but also from the wielder’s own power.

Mokona is indeed using Yuuko’s magic circle, which calls power from the four elements. Three of the symbols represented in her magic circle were previously used in Magic Knight Rayearth to represent the elements of air, fire and water. It is safe to assume that the fourth symbol is representative of earth, as it is of equal prominence as the other three. If it were to represent either eternity or the element of ether, one would suppose that it would figure more prominently in the design to denote its importance.

A detail of the original three sigils can be seen here:


*Mild Spoiler*

Also, in the most recent chapters of the Tsubasa manga, Syaoran is seen using his CCS magic circle that was represented by the Lasin Board, showing his strong ties to the power of the sun.

An illustration from the CCS artbook of Syaoran’s magic circle can be found here: