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Fate/stay Night
Kagetsu Tohya
Fate/hollow ataraxia

Melty Blood
TONS of doujinshi

Shingetsutan Tsukihime
Fate/stay Night (upcoming)

Generic Disclaimer: Of course I wouldn’t know how the bishoujo games industry truly works, so some info below may be wrong or misinterpreted. This feature is from an outsider’s point of view, namely, my point of view.

After releasing Tsukihime, possibly the most popular doujin game of all time, TYPE-MOON, formerly a doujin group, had gone to be a commercial games maker. The industry is highly anticipating their first fully commercial work, and they were pleased with the results. Tsukihime and Fate/stay Night were tremendous hits, so tremendous, I actually shame myself for “not knowing about them”. Why?

Plain and simple, the games are in Japanese. Although I continually tried to circumvent that with my so-called 5% Japanese conversational knowledge, the big boo-boo to me here is that neither Tsukihime nor Fate/stay Night have any voice work! Yup, no voice actors, pure Japanese text. No way could I ever handle that. Don’t get me wrong though. Despite their games not having voice, these are extremely excellent games.

They said that the plot of Tsukihime was so good that even the anime (which IMO was pretty good by itself) didn’t do justice. Take note that this is a doujin game, and one that did it better than commercial games. Basically, Touno Shiki the main guy sees ‘lines’, and when he cuts through them, the object or person’s ‘existence’ will be removed (maybe worse than dying). And so to counter that he was given glasses by a magician to see normally. But I guess he still has the trauma, so one day he just sliced up a girl at the park. But this girl is Arcueid, a sort-of vampire, and she lives the next day to meet her killer.

Fate/stay Night literally shattered the competition in 2004. With only their first fully commercial game, almost everyone else except Navel had no courage to compete on release day, and even the already established games maker Key had their highly anticipated game just settle for #2 game of the year. Fate/stay Night takes place in the town of Fuyuki, where unknown to many, a hidden war is happening. The “masters”, with their summoned warriors, the “servants”, fight each other to get a legendary artifact known as the Holy Grail. It is said that this artifact would be able to grant a wish. So we go to the main guy, Emiya Shirou, who was adopted by a sorcerer (master). He eventually becomes a sorcerer himself, albeit an incompetent one. But when he manages to accidentally summon one of the greatest servants of all, Saber, he puts himself in the middle of the Holy Grail war.

The sheer vast array of doujinshi related to their works astound me. For one, even a doujin fighting game was made based on Tsukihime in the form of Melty Blood. That was so popular, the guys that made it may have been absorbed already by TYPE-MOON to produce another of those games for Fate/stay Night instead. Also, I forgot where I read it, but apparently the upcoming 68th Comic Market (think Comic Party) convention even has an ENTIRE area section dedicated to TYPE-MOON doujinshi alone! Astounding!

Fate/hollow Atraxia is a fandisk for Fate/stay Night, featuring new scenarios which seem to make fun of the various characters, as well as enjoyable minigames. There is also a main scenario which continues the story in F/SN, but it’s not necessarily a direct sequel. Maybe a sidestory perhaps? Don’t ask me, I can’t read Japanese.

Fate/stay Night the anime is being highly anticipated. The animation looks kinda nifty, but with the limited previews available it’s still too early to tell. These shots are from the Curtain Raiser prologue, which features a few minutes of previews. There were some battle scenes, which were quite awesome, and also a comedy scene. The seiyuu were surprisingly good judging from the preview, and rightfully so. F/SN fans will be very keen on that since the original game didn’t have any voice.

Well that’s just the gist. The rest is… unknown to me. Thankfully, some groups are dedicated to making English translations of the Tsukihime game, and with the upcoming Fate/stay Night anime, I hope I can truly see what all the fuss is about.

This is a Summer of Bishoujo feature


Posted By: Chan On: September 08, 2005 At: 7:38 pm

Ah, FATE/ Stay Night…One of the best Visual Novels out there. It’s set in the same world as TYPE-Moon’s signature work, Tsukihime, though with a completely different power level.

In this standard Japanese town, there’s an old tradition: Seven mages will summon seven Servants, powerful figures from myth and legend. Then, they will fight until only one pair is left. This is no mere battle…It’s actually a powerful sorcerous ritual, known as the War Of The Holy Grail, where the defeat of the rest will serve as the required sacrifices. The winners will pretty much receive whatever they wish for.

Now, the Servants are really legendary heroes, divided into seven classes:

Archer, the knight of bows; Saber, the swordman; Berserker, the insane warrior; Assasin, the silent killer; Caster, the ultimate magician; Lancer, the spearman; and Rider, the cavalier.

For example, summoning a Saber-class servant will really bring a legendary swordsman to your side…Like, say…King Arthur. (Actually, he’s a girl. And she’s the heroine of the game. And this is a H-game. Go figure.) They’re extremely powerful, and have special abilities appropriate to their legends. They also have a ultimate move called the ‘Noble Phantasm’, an extremely destructive, extremely deadly super move.

Without giving away too much, here’s a brief plot synopsis:

You’re Emiya Shirou, a second-year student who lives in the aforementioned town. An orphan, you were taken in by a magician named Emiya Kirigitsu, whose surname you’ve adopted, after the orphanage burned down in mysterious circumstances.

Emiya Kirigitsu was actually a powerful magician/gunman, who was seriously injured in the previous War. He taught you some basic magic: However, you didn’t seem to have the talent for sorcery, except in the realm of protection/ enhancement spells. Oh, and you’re good at repairing and enhancing objects, too. For some reason, you also heal very, very fast…

Anyway, three years after Kirigitsu’s death (Killed by a fatal illness) strange events start to happen in town. You’re living happily enough, with your good friends Sakura, Shinji Matou and Fujima-sensei, who helps take care of you.

Then, one day, whilst staying back in school to help clean the Archery Club Dojo, you make a very, very bad mistake. Two Servants, Archer and Lancer (Actually Cu Cuhlain, the Welsh? Irish? hero…) are battling it out in the courtyard, with Archer’s Master, Rin Tosaka (The most popular, pretty girl in school…And also a closet lesbian. ) supporting Archer.

To keep the War secret, Lancer breaks away from Archer, chases after you, and stabs you in the heart. When Rin and Archer find your bleeding, mortally wounded corpse, you’re amazingly still alive. Rin heals you with a pendant, then leaves.

Utterly confused, after wandering home, Lancer jumps you again. Just when all hope seems lost, Saber appears and fends him off. Then she utters the famous lines to you: “Are you my master?”

And that’s just where the story begins. Unlike the main characters of most ren’ai games, Shirou is NOT a perverted, incompetent boob: He changes from zero to hero to legend, over the course of three different stories. Trust me, he’s easily the deepest, coolest hero since Tsukihime’s Shiki Tohno, or Baldr Force’s Tooru.

The first scenario, FATE, is an ‘introduction’ to the rest of the world, focusing mainly on the romance between Shirou and Saber. The second scenario, Unlimited Blade Works, (coincidentally the name of Archer’s Noble Phantasm.) is purely Shirou’s scenario, delving into the nature of existence and what it means to be a hero. The third scenario, Heaven’s Feel, forces Shirou to choose between love and duty, and serves as an appropriately final conclusion to the game.

The characters, especially the heroes, are the best part of the game. Shirou himself is actually less powerful and less experienced than Tsukihime’s protagonist: The first time he gets into a battle, he doesn’t know what to do. Still, he improvises: He fends off Lancer with an enchanted magazine, in one memorable scene…And that’s just in the first scenario, where he’s at his weakest.

It’s one excellent game…I highly recommend it to anyone.

Posted By: Freezer90 On: December 04, 2005 At: 12:27 pm

Well, actually, Fate/Hollow Ataraxia is a continuing story of one of the routes from Fate/Stay Night – there are three routes in F/SN, and they are fate route (or saber route), unlimited blade work route (or toushika route), and heaven’s feel route (or sakura route), and UBW and HF are again divided into true ending and good ending. For F/HA, it’s a continuing story from the UMW route good ending where Saber stays in the game and doesn’t go back to King Arther. Also, even more interesting, Toushika and Shiro’s relationship is upgraded from comrade into a couple!

Posted By: Chan On: December 15, 2005 At: 11:13 pm

Naaahhh…F/HA is like a movie of it’s own starring F/SN characters. At the end of any arc of the game, at least half of the cast should be dead.

F/HA is about this girl, Bazette, Lancer’s master, who Kirei removed ‘off-screen’ in the game. She wakes up in a mansion, with a new Servant, Avenger…And things get really, really, Twilight Zone weird after that.

Despite first appearances, you are NOT playing as Emiya Shirou. Exactly who you are, and why the game keeps repeating the same four days is the main plot of the story.

(Weird thing is, Avenger isn’t the strongest Servant. In fact, he’s the weakest, because the concept of a ‘Hero Of Venegance’ shouldn’t be possible. He’s cool, though.)

Posted By: hunkydory On: February 06, 2006 At: 10:19 am

The story of Tsukihime had touched me deeply in my heart.It’s a little short and unforgettable.I heard that there is a game made from this story,so,please tell me the address where it can be download if you know it.Thanks!

Posted By: Zero On: February 15, 2006 At: 11:39 pm

Well…..should be the other way round, the story is extracted from the game. Anyway, it’s a japanese game, can your computer run it? Or can you understand it?

Posted By: Naruto-kun On: March 13, 2006 At: 3:12 am

ya you can, i downloaded an english demo of the game, and they explain how to run it on your computer. I started the game but it was much more a story. By that i mean i didn’t get to ‘play’ really. But it’s the beggining so they explain the story and all, it’s normal afterall. What i also like are the graphics which are indeed incredible. They are hard to find cause all sites are japaneese, but anyways, i found a growing website dedicated to F/SN which is doing pretty well up to now, fatestaynight.org
I’m waiting for ep11, i wanna see shiro figghting 😀

Posted By: blueice760 On: September 09, 2006 At: 10:36 am

WEll i just watch Tsukihime and……….. i dont know what to say
it blew me away! So Sad and romantic at the same time. A great series!

Watched Fate/Stay Night a week ago and… it was AMAZING! and eventhough it did make me tearful at the end, IT IS BEYONG DOUBT THE BEST SERIES I WATCHED EVER!

I recommend both Tsukihime and Fate/Stay Night to all viewers.
Hope Type-Moon releases another series like Tsukihime,Fate/Stay Night, This new style of all ACTION and EMOTION is really growing on me 😀

Posted By: melty_blood_FTW On: January 07, 2007 At: 5:20 am

yep, type moon and their related works is definitely the pinnacle of the doujin game culture. Tsukihime and fate stay night definitely blew me away. The writer Nasu kinko is nothing short of genius in term of plot and twists that keep you glued to your seats. Espeacially know that tsukihime is translated into english by mirror moon and the melty blood english patching is well near completion,even fate stay night is one third done tranlating. not mention the assortment of tsukihime, fate, and melty blood manga being translated.
in short, right know is high times to be enjoying type moon’s work as an english speaking fan.

Posted By: pinoy On: May 29, 2007 At: 4:19 pm

I have watched the complete fate stay night, buts looks i’m very late to you guys.. Well i love the story. Great work.

Posted By: Shrapneltyphoon On: June 18, 2007 At: 6:26 pm

I gotta say Tsukihime is still one of my favorite games to play right now and as for the anime….damn I wish they didnt do that ending, it kinda bothered me. But on the otherside of things they are making a new movie based off of the novel of knk so I’m happy, we get to see the pretty much prototype of Tsukihime animated! Woohoo Ryoga Shiki! But I wish they would make a sequel to Tsukihime, I want to know what the whole Satsujin thing is all about, still confused.

Posted By: Lala On: August 07, 2007 At: 9:02 am

I love type moon, and it’s awesome that it’s so popular, since that led to the english versions of tsukihime, fate stay night, and kagetsu tohya!

Posted By: hahaha On: August 23, 2007 At: 9:06 am

ahhh, i really wanna know if the two sceneraios continuing from the anime fate stay night (unlimited blade works, and heavens feel) is it only in the game? or are the two sceneraios anime? o.o

Posted By: djanggo On: October 22, 2007 At: 9:03 pm

akhhhhhh,i cannot sleep after seeing the H-scene.the CG is too smooth and my body got weird.Seems that my alergic is awakened.lol.
Saber just too cool also awful! c(>.

Posted By: type moon fan On: November 05, 2007 At: 4:49 am

sorry i was a bit late to watch fate stay night but i am huge fan of tsukihime and fate stay night till now. it is a great story, their ending is so emotional and hardly shear tears. besides its CG is among the best. prefer quality video.

Posted By: Roactitybatt On: February 24, 2008 At: 11:50 pm

Her lesbos opened. She turned her primero to flinch legally at Pierre in disbelief.

Posted By: Lewis Robinson On: July 10, 2010 At: 9:11 pm

i used to play archery but quit this sport after i got some elbow surgery.”-;

Posted By: Emstein On: March 18, 2013 At: 11:08 pm

Im relatively new to Nasuverse and Im trying to catch up with all of their translated or partially translated works.

It is kinda fascinating (and funny, said my sister) to read old blog about TYPE-MOON. Fate/Zero anime introduced me to the whole hype. And now, I really got hooked to Nasuverse. Even though TM’s works are not that super popular in the Philippines, I really find time to read and watch their masterpieces. Carnival Phantasm is super kawaii, and with Mirai Fukuin left, Kara no Kyoukai is in its conclusion. Let’s continue supporting this magnificent TYPE-MOON.