By bluemist on March 30th, 2005


I would regard Uta Kata to belong to the bishoujo-mahou-shoujo genre, much like Nanoha. Unlike Nanoha though, despite the radically colorful hair and beautiful Kiddy Grade-like animation, this series is dark. It’s kinda fun for some 1/2 of the series but turns real dark the next. So much for mahou shoujo.

So, basically Ichika is your regular girl in the puberty stage. Not a girl, not yet a woman. Suddenly Manatsu comes out from a mirror and into her life. Ichika was also given some kind of amulet where she utilizes the power of the Djinn… gods of the elements of sun, moon, earth, water, flame, heaven, wind, flower, lightning, darkness, sea, and mirror. At the same time she is experiencing many changes in her life, as she is in between childhood and adulthood. Well, guess what? This is all a test.

At the same time, she is experiencing seven virtues, and the equivalent seven sins of humanity. As if it mirrored itself, the events that used to be good was now inverted to bad. This seems to be a misleading concept. If the mirror reflects the exact same thing, why in Ichika’s case it reflects the reverse? The existence of Manatsu in her life somewhat fills the void. Manatsu is the ‘other side’ of Ichika, and from the very start of this fated summer, she has been there to look over, or guide her, into this test.

So, the test is experiencing the world. But for what reason? The real test is yet to come, which I will not spoil (as if I’ve not spoilt enough). In any case, the answers may surprise you, especially me. My interest in human behavior and philosophy sparked my interest in this anime. While not strong enough a material, it conveyed the point of the matter through random situations and character development. It’s a short series, but it could have been more.

Again, the animation is great. The art is from that Gatekeepers/Kiddy Grade guy, but a whole bunch of popular anime/manga artist kinda pitched in for the costume designs of Ichika. There are 12 mahou-shoujo costumes from 12 artists, conveying the 12 powers of the Djinn. Kinda like Cardcaptor Sakura? Nah. Anyway the music here is fine, but forgettable.

There will be an OVA for Uta Kata, so I figure this is not the end of it yet. As it says on the last scene… the seasons rotate. This has been Ichika’s unforgettable summer. Come to think of it, the whole series is an entire flashback…

Uta Kata OVA
Finally watched the OVA. Basically, it just tied up the loose ends of our ever-endearing yuri and yaoi couples, and how they are able to move on. This brings the stories of Ichika and friends to a happy closure.

What’s next? The mirror remains, and the test will go on, maybe targeting another youth in the verge of being adult. Uta Kata 2? Hopefully.