Vocaloid for Valentines: Second Time Around

By bluemist on February 14th, 2011

Vocaloid for Valentines

They say love is sweeter the second time around, and what better way to express it than through a second batch of love songs? Here I am again with a handful of nice sentimental music from Vocaloid! So if you are in the mood for a little easy listening while you fall in (or out of, or away from) love this Valentines season, please do have a gander at some more of the best Vocaloid love songs. This time it’s not only Hatsune Miku who’s singing about love, Gumi and Luka are in on it as well! As usual, if you don’t like their roboty voice to ruin your listening pleasure, don’t worry, because I also linked “utattemita” versions sung by some of the best amateur singers around Nico Nico Douga. Hopefully this will make you feel inspired and in love, or maybe depressed too, as some of these songs revolve on unrequited feelings… like mine (sob). Haha, anyway here we go again.

From Y to Y (Hatsune Miku)
Niconico Artist version: Kuripurin

At first I thought this was a positive song because of the melody, but this is actually sad because it’s about a breakup. Because of a single lie that somehow triggered so many things, both of them cried and have fallen apart. The viewpoint of the singer seems so bitter and lonely, lying alone in a small apartment. I could only imagine how it feels to lose someone who has been important to you for so long.

celluloid (Hatsune Miku)
Niconico Artist version: Ritsuka

I’m not pretty sure what the song tries to tell because of somewhat deep lyrics, but it seems to infer about a breakup and the loneliness of living through it. At first it has a regretful mood, which turns into struggling to live through the mundane everydays without love.

Kimiboshi (Hatsune Miku)
Niconico Artist version: Chano

This song is about how chasing one’s dreams sometimes gets in the way of a love, especially when they chose to go different paths through life. It is quite a positive song though despite the separation, because one is still longing for the other despite their doubts about how the long-distance relationship is going. This song has quite affectionate lyrics and you can really feel the longing for love in this one.

Discommunication (Megurine Luka)
Niconico Artist version: 630

This song seems to be about a girl so overly-possessive of someone who may not even be her boyfriend. She continues to force herself on him and it is hurting the guy, so he sends a rejection mail. She then starts to reflect on herself and her inner troubles. Ouch, it’s quite devastating in that she knows her problems and hates herself for it, yet she can’t change things for the better. It’s really a self-loathing song, difficult to listen to sometimes. Mostly because this is almost how I was rejected once T_T.

Starmine (Gumi)
Niconico Artist version: Rian

This is a very emotional song about a love that ‘almost’ blossomed during the summer festivities. Sadly, within the bright starry night, the confession was erased by the loudness of the fireworks and were never heard. The girl tried to search for him, but then she realized that he had gone away from town. Although sad, she won’t forget and would always cherish that moment. Some parts of the lyrics were brilliant. Like one about the girl trying to catch that fleeting light, and just when she had already caught it, she opened her hands… and there was none. I wish I could write like that.

Aitai (Gumi)
Niconico Artist version: Yurika

This song is about a girl who is quite afraid to show her feelings even with just her simple text messages to her love. She says she wants to see him, and she will always be a friend, but then she just can’t find the courage and the words to confess to him. This is a very impressive song, a power ballad yet it has some vocarock-like instrumentals with electric guitars.

Kimi ga Suki (Hatsune Miku)
Niconico Artist version: Tsukino Shion

This is a song about a girl trying to comfort her best friend who is having some problems. She prides herself in knowing her friend best, and somehow this genuine care for him is slowly turning into love. The best part of the song is right at the end, and it feels so magical and sweet.

Green Straight (Gumi)
Niconico Artist version: Nobunaga

Very positive song filled with hope. It tells that despite any obstacle that may happen your way, she would be there to guide you and be your wind. I like the PV here as well, it’s so bright and green. Not sure about some of the English lyrics here though. “You’re fading but I never”… and it just ends like that. Never… what?

Kimi no te, Boku no te (Hatsune Miku)
Niconico Artist version: Chano

This is my favorite Vocaloid love song of the year. Written by 40mP who is really known for lively positive beats and piano pieces, this song is about a blooming relationship through the warmth of their hands. I can’t really describe the song any more than that, you just have to listen. And true story, I cried once while listening to this song and remembering ‘something’ related to my uneventful lovelife. It’s that good.

So, did you fall in love all over again, all over again? Also, do you know of other Vocaloid love songs I hadn’t mentioned? Hopefully you enjoy this soundtrip during this season of love, and maybe share it with your special someone perhaps? Whatever your love life may be during Valentines, just keep remembering and cherishing this wonderful thing called “love”. Well that’s enough sugary words from me again this year. Keep the love sounding good with Vocaloid. Until next time.

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