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By bluemist on February 24th, 2013

Vocaloid for Valentines
Vocaloid for Valentines: Second Time Around
Vocaloid for Valentines: Third’s a Charm

Valentines season! What better way to express it than through yet another batch of love songs? Here I am again with a handful of nice sentimental music from Vocaloid! Four years running! Only for you! So if you are in the mood for a little easy listening while you fall in (or out of, or away from) love this Valentines season, please do have a gander at some more of the best Vocaloid love songs. We have a wide array of good songs for the past year. Hopefully this will make you feel inspired and in love, or maybe depressed too, as some of these songs revolve on unrequited feelingsā€¦ like mine (sob). Haha, anyway here we go again.

Bokura no Let It Be

This is about destiny and red string of fate tying a love which was sadly not to be. But the person remaining is hopeful and remembers the feeling dearly. This is a very moody but good song relating to the feelings of loss and nostalgia.

Hachigatsu no Kaze

This is about the hopefulness, music, and love within the August breeze. Very endearing song, and quite possibly reflects the producer’s life.


Very simple, very straight. I like the lyrics of this song and its honesty.

Aishite Kurenakute Iiyo

Very simple, very straight as well, in the sadder kind of way. It’s kinda sad how the person seems to give up in this one.

Kimi no Yasashisa ga

This is probably the most depressing song of this group. It’s the theme of unrequited love, taken almost too seriously and quite bitter at that.

Hontou no Kimochi

A rare first sentimental song of the new Vocaloid voice IA.

Mata ne, Jaa ne

Definitely my sentimental song of the year, and very relatable to those people out there who wants to confess to the one they love during their graduation.

There are also quite a number of good sentimental Vocaloid tracks that weren’t released over at Nico Nico Douga like the usual but can be purchased through online music shops. Please also do take a listen at these songs.

Mahou no Te
Your hand is a magic hand.

Let’s walk together through the seasons.

Never forget.

You are here, I am here.


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