Vocaloid for Valentines

By bluemist on February 13th, 2010

Love is such a wonderful feeling, and what better way to express it than through love songs? Well, these aren’t the usual sentimental songs, because they come from none other than Vocaloid! So if you are in the mood for a little easy listening while you fall in (or out of, or away from) love this Valentines season, please do have a gander at nine of the best love songs that I could find being sung by Hatsune Miku herself. If you don’t like her roboty voice to ruin your listening pleasure, don’t worry, because I also linked “utattemita” versions sung by some of the best amateur singers around Nico Nico Douga. Hopefully this will make you feel inspired and in love, or maybe depressed too, as some of these songs revolve on unrequited feelings… like mine (sob). Haha, anyway here goes.

Title: Kataomoi
Niconico Artist version: Usa

Actually there is a fast-paced dance version of this song called Koisuru VOC@LOID, but this one is soooooo sad T_T. Unrequited feelings of the girl who just got rejected, ouch. Very direct and honest lyrics make this the saddest song of the list.

Title: Last Night, Good Night
Niconico Artist version: Choucho

Last Night, Good Night is a high quality power ballad. The theme may be about hidden feelings but the song itself is a powerful call to love, it’s not a sad song at all. I definitely liked the end part, and the PV itself is excellent too. One of the best love songs in this list.

Title: Itsumo Yori Nakimushi na Sora
Niconico Artist version: H+ero

Well this one talks about a sky who is being more of a crybaby than usual, which means, of course, rain. A bit of a laid-back easy listening jazz, this does not talk about romantic love per-se. Here the girl is hoping that the rain stops because it’s seeming sadness is quite infectious. She hopes the sky shines a warm sunset to her again.

Title: Sekai de Ichiban Chikaku ni iru noni
Niconico Artist version: ichigo

Even though it is the closest thing in the world, it is a distance that cannot be reached. This song may be about a very close friendship, too close that it may not actually blossom to love. It is very heartfelt, the way that the person in love is satisfied with the way things are, even if they could never be something more.

Title: Last Scene
Niconico Artist version: Φ串Φ

Last Scene is a very light song about someone who felt deeply affected by the last scene of the movie she watched. She tears up a bit and maybe relates it to her own love life.

Title: Yuuhi Zaka
Niconico Artist version: Usa

Yuuhi Zaka (Sunset Hill) is a very warm and romantic song. It tells a story of a young romance that blossomed along the way uphill. It’s kinda sad that they never ended up together, but the lyrics still goes on a positive note in remembering those treasured memories.

Title: letter song
Niconico Artist version: Mitani Nana

This song is often referred to as the sequel to Yuuhi Zaka. Here the girl wrote a letter to herself 10 years in the future, asking her if she is happy and stuff. It’s kinda like a time-capsule letter. The girl at present seems sad, maybe because of the loss of her beloved back in the first song, but she goes on to be hopeful that her future-self will be happier than she is right now.

Title: Starduster
Niconico Artist version: kuripurin

Starduster is about someone who ran 10000 light-years away from love, only to find himself/herself lost in space and yearning for it eventually. This song is magical, and the PV made for it is quite cute. The “ai wo” chorus part is very strong and heartfelt.

Title: Uta ni Katachi wa Nai keredo
Piano version
Niconico Artist version: Ritsuka

A song may have no shape, but it can warm a heart. This song certainly proves that. This is my current favorite of all the sentimental Vocaloid songs. It is a very positive and hopeful song, summarizing every feeling that made me love music in the first place.

So, did you fall in love all over again? Also, do you know of other Vocaloid love songs I hadn’t mentioned? Hopefully you enjoy this soundtrip during this season of love, and maybe share it with your special someone perhaps? Whatever your love life may be during Valentines, just keep remembering and cherishing this wonderful thing called “love”. Well, that’s too much sugary words and spicy feelings from me for the day, so until next time.


Posted By: albert_2mb On: February 14, 2010 At: 3:21 am

Starduster… shouting “AI WO” silently on Valentine’s eve ;_______;

Posted By: Raiga On: February 14, 2010 At: 6:26 am

Just wanted to point out that Koisuru Voc@loid has different lyrics from Kataomoi Voc@loid (which was an omake to the original song). Hence the cheerful tune of the former and the different titles.

Posted By: bluemist On: February 14, 2010 At: 9:08 am

;_______; Starduster in full blast in my speakers right now!

Oh thanks for that, didn’t care much about the original dance version to notice actually.

Posted By: Kim Gerald On: February 14, 2010 At: 7:39 pm

Hey! Happy Valentines Day everyone… Wish you all to have a very sweet moment with your loved ones.

Posted By: Nopy On: February 18, 2010 At: 5:10 am

I like the artwork for that Itsumo Yori Nakimushi na Sora song.

Posted By: Belson On: August 04, 2010 At: 5:42 pm

I cried halfway thru the songs……

Posted By: gry dla dzieci po polsku On: April 03, 2011 At: 4:43 am

Stronka bardzo odlotowa i rozbudowana. Witam każdych

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