W ~Wish~

By bluemist on March 30th, 2005

W ~Wish~

In bishoujo/ren’ai gaming, one of the primary themes that are ‘almost always’ present is what I call the dreaded “onii-chan complex” (brother complex). Because you play the role of the male lead in bishoujo games, there is bound to be at least one female character that either:

1. is your imouto (little sister)
2. is your imouto and living with you but seems to be adopted/not blood related
3. is not your imouto but is used to calling you onii-chan

Yes, you are onii-chan. She likes you because you are her brother (of some sort). This type of bishoujo character is rather popular, no wait, ‘very’ popular. Even to the point that some games of this kind had featured ALL female characters as your little sisters (I think you would know which). In anime conversions, we have seen many onii-chan complexed characters like Akane of Final Approach (Type 1), Nemu of Da Capo (Type 2), and Akane of Kiminozo (Type 3).

Okay, with that aside, I’ll talk about W ~Wish~ now.

Um… er…

What else is there to say except this is an onii-chan complex anime? And seemingly the only plot would be… is your imouto Type 1 or Type 2? Blood related or not? The main guy has the trauma of losing his parents in an accident. Having a bit of amnesia, he would never know whether this girl who called him ‘onii-chan’ (Senna) is really his ‘imouto’. But they live together for years after that accident anyway. So the story starts from here. Plus another girl (Haruhi) is claiming to be her onii-chan too? What’s going on? And Senna, seems to be hiding something, and is too overprotective lately…

Having little comedy and being more or less a drama, W ~Wish~ is a simple show, for now at least. Maybe when more plot is revealed it might be getting more interesting, especially when the question (who’s the real imouto) remains. Maybe the title itself would provide a clue. For now, Final Approach may be the better Princess Hour anime, but W ~Wish~ complements it nicely nonetheless. Need more episodes!

This is a Summer of Bishoujo feature