Why So Serious?

By bluemist on June 30th, 2000


Missed this article?

I figured that it had more dorama than I intended it to be, so I cut this article off. If you had read it earlier, I just realized that yup, this is just a sudden gush of emotions.


Posted By: issa-sa On: July 22, 2008 At: 8:50 pm

Err, Happy Birthday I suppose, since I’m not sure what to say in response to you having said that your not satisfied by thinking you should be satisfied with what you have in life that’s satisfying you, when it’s not (?)
I’ll agree that change is a scary thing, but if that’s what it feels you gotta do, then do it (? again)
You know what, have a nice large slice of cake come the big day. I know that’s what I’d do at least :) Cheers

Posted By: Naruto On: July 23, 2008 At: 3:01 pm

Completely baffled by this entry…. but happy birthday? lol…

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