By bluemist on December 13th, 2005

Since I saw some preview videos on MTV featuring Xbox 360, my mouth watered on how much graphics technology has improved in games. One particular game of note was this racing game which totally blew me away, it was the most realistic-looking racer I have ever seen! I thought, man, X360 is gonna rock.

While I absolutely won’t buy that console, I would be delighted to play it once in a while. Here we have shops which have console gaming rentals at cheap rates per hour, so it’s possible that I can see and play a X360 soon. Seems that Microsoft has the edge because it has an early lead with the other next-gen consoles PS3 and Revolution.

Not quite in Japan.

News sources seem to tell that the Xbox 360 launch isn’t as big… as expected? Or at all? Hmm… how many thousands did they sell so far? Quite incomparable to any recent console launch. I recall PS2 selling a million in Japan on just one day, if I’m not mistaken. That one is l33t.

Now check this out… X360 launches in Japan at almost the same time as To Heart 2: XRATED right? Wanna guess which sold better? Which lines are for X360 and which are for TH2X?


Ok fine, my current favorite game is absolutely no match for a giant game console in the long run, but isn’t it great to feel that somehow TH2X outsold X360 on launch day? a bishoujo game seemed more successful than an entire game console? Whahahaha! Microsoft just got a beating from some bishoujo girls! W00t!

Worship Ruu~!! Raise our hands to the sky! Ruu~!

Sorry for this mindless post, it really just seems funny (to me only). Not to mention both have X’s on their names… er but that was lame too.

Oh, and someone got a perfect idea to boost Xbox 360 sales!

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Posted By: Pikawil On: December 14, 2005 At: 9:00 am

Next, I expect the 360 to get slaughtered by Kingdom Hearts 2 in the next two weeks. Which makes it far more humiliating because:

A. It’d get crushed by two highly anticipated games with the words “Heart” and “2” (Yep, KH2 is THAT hyped, even in Japan! I mean, Disney CAN do lotsa hyping for obivious reasons!).
B. KH2 has a Chicken Little cameo.

Chicken Little.


Do I even have to tell you more?

(Well, you can’t forget Pirates of the Caribbean and Tron, can’t you?)

Posted By: Spica On: December 19, 2005 At: 12:28 am

The Japanese support a Japanese game over a foreign console, who is surprised? Consider the opposite here in the US, the 360 got more support then TH2

Posted By: Problematic On: December 25, 2005 At: 5:35 pm

Merry Xmas Bluemist! Glad too see you back and you’re more rejuvenated than ever! Sorry I didn’t say so earlier, since you been back for quite awhile!

Posted By: LUCKY On: January 14, 2006 At: 10:40 pm

a few reasons why xbox360 was not as popular was that it doesnt do jap games do they???


i heard that xbox360’s prodocer(windows) is not going to produce anymore games for its first console use buying a console for say..$300bucks(dunno the price =P) and it gets outdated in 4yrs or so

Posted By: sex box On: January 26, 2006 At: 1:50 pm

face it, xbox sucks in japan. and in the US, its overhyped. its just sad, when ps3, and rev come out, they are gonna cream x360.

Posted By: Liam Price On: May 09, 2010 At: 7:52 pm

I own an Xbox and a Playstation and both are really good game consoles. Let’s see what are Microsoft’s future updgrades on its Xbox game console.:;,

Posted By: Xbox On: July 05, 2011 At: 9:44 am

I wonder if Xbox is famous in Korea.