Six-Year Anniversary!

By bluemist on April 30th, 2011

Fun fun fun fun fun looking forward to the next year!

I just refuse to kill this blog eh?

I would like to thank you readers for still coming in no matter how rare the updates may come in this place. The stats still bump a couple of hundred hits each time something gets posted. I’m still in busy-land, although I’m still active in the microblogging and GRSI segments, and sometimes by blog comments. I can still share the fandom somehow. I think maybe for a forced project of mine I should finally change the blog layout. Some stuff is completely broken here last time I checked (categories don’t work, etc.)

In any case, as long as they keep making anime, games, vocaloid, memes, or whatever quality stuff this visual culture might bring, I would still be here. May this never end.

Thank you.


Posted By: ghostlightning On: April 30, 2011 At: 11:34 am

Congrats! 6 years is incredible.

Posted By: Ibby On: April 30, 2011 At: 12:59 pm

Congrats! Six years is a long time. Thanks for all your time, energy, sweat and tears that you have put into this blog. Keep up the good work!!!!!

Posted By: Author On: April 30, 2011 At: 2:11 pm

I will outlast you, you just wait. Grrr ^_^

Posted By: Ronin AnimeLover On: April 30, 2011 At: 4:45 pm

Congratulations to 6 years of blogging! You have outlasted me already (with five years on my belt), haha!

Stay strong!

Posted By: Moonlight Bomber On: May 02, 2011 At: 9:47 am

Congrats, fellow old fogey (I began my blog in 2004).

Posted By: bluemist On: May 02, 2011 At: 10:50 am

Thanks to all of you.

Hope we’ll outlast each other until the end of the world (maybe 2012 lool)

Posted By: MkMiku On: June 12, 2011 At: 4:28 pm

6 years is a long time, especially for blogging. Congrats and best of luck on your future endeavors!

Posted By: Anime DVD UK On: November 29, 2011 At: 11:45 pm

Congrats 6yrs years is a long time, keep up the good work.