Seven-Year Anniversary!

By bluemist on April 30th, 2012


Seven years. It feels like eternity.

Once again, I’d like to thank you all for yet another successful year. Though comparably dead as opposed to many others, rest assured that this blog will stay the course. I actually blogged more comparably over the year compared to years before. PROGRESS.

Again, thank you to all readers, commenters and fellow bloggers. As usual you can catch me on the social networks. Also, please support the community and go vote in the Aniblog Tourney. Feel free to vote for me/this blog and also all others.

Until next time!


Posted By: Mushyrulez On: May 01, 2012 At: 10:28 am

Wait, you qualified for the tournament?

P.S. Your new design is too light. It hurts my memories.

P.P.S. You’re older than Baka-Raptor?!

P.P.P.S. You still have a post from 1988…

Posted By: Valence On: May 01, 2012 At: 10:17 pm

Holy crud, 7 years? Kudos, my friend, kudos.

Posted By: Jay On: May 04, 2012 At: 1:20 pm

Ilang taon ka na nga?

Posted By: SPIRAL On: May 05, 2012 At: 7:58 am

Your site design is clean, light, and fun to read.

However, it’s the content – your writing is fine but it’s just that there aren’t enough updates.

=/ that of course is the problem with single blogs but keep at it, man, bluemist is a fun read.

Posted By: Shance On: May 08, 2012 At: 9:57 pm

Keep it up, mate! Not everyone can blog for seven years.