By bluemist on October 13th, 2012

Longing for something to happen, yet realizing that the reality around us would never make that happen, makes me think as if the world has betrayed me. It is a hopeless and helpless feeling, but there is no escape from it. Days pass by and it would seem like nothing. The daily grind would leave me numb, innocent, and ignorant of what’s supposed to matter. This is why I exist, here, in this blog. This is why I am in the internet, where at the very least, there are avenues where I can still cry out and shout about everything that I think sucks about my life. But as time passes by, and time does, relentlessly at that, that space where I can still cry privately is shrinking. At some point, there is a threshold to my tolerance of reality. Sometimes, I just give up and say “enough of all this crap.” When this happens, there will be times when I start believing in things that don’t exist.
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Vocaloid and Me

By bluemist on September 25th, 2012

I actually didn’t start liking Vocaloid since its rise to cultural fame on the summer of 2007. Back then, I was on Team Touhou. Touhou music was actually my first major foray into exploring indie music, meaning music that wasn’t necessarily mainstream nor popular. Touhou music was hyper, cute, and anime-like, yet it has that indie appeal in which I would exclaim “Some non-professional musician did this, and it sounds better than some professionally made music? Where do I sign up?” This was also the year of the modern doujin revolution, where user-generated, non-professional content started rising in quality and in relative popularity. In a way, Touhou proved to me that there is an entirely other world out there I can aurally enjoy, beyond what commercial anime songs may bring, and more importantly, beyond what actually popular songs could deliver. I would begin to question if popularity still matters to me when it comes to my musical taste, and this led me to Vocaloid.
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Natsuiro Kiseki

By bluemist on July 11th, 2012

Natsuiro Kiseki

When I say slice-of-life in anime, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it is completely grounded in reality. In fact, I found that most of the so-called slice-of-life series out there features at least a bit of unrealistic aspect within them, whether it be talking animals, magical elements or alien settings. While the fantastic parts aren’t the focus of those other examples, here in Natsuiro Kiseki, the magic is front-and-center. We are transported into a world where mysterious rocks can actually make wishes come true. It did initially throw me off somewhat because of the odd premise in an otherwise normal world – I didn’t like what I saw at first. But because of the wonderful characters, coupled with surprisingly excellent performances from the voice actors, Natsuiro Kiseki’s world is somewhere I can totally immerse my slice-of-life enjoyments into.
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Information Overload Rising

By bluemist on June 27th, 2012

Information Overload
Handling Information Overload

You think you have it all in control, but you don’t. After all, you cannot control a battlefield. It is a constantly evolving entity. So all you can do, is either continue the fight, or quit. Over my two articles regarding information overload, I am in that constant state of flux, exceeding my limits on what kind of information I have, need, or want to consume. It is a very complex situation to contain, because when I talk about information that sometimes evolves from being irrelevant to you, morphing into being important, suddenly the game changes. As much as we want to avoid, overcome, and conquer information overload, sometimes it really just overpowers you in some surprising ways.
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Higher Definition Addendum: 10-bit Encodes

By bluemist on May 20th, 2012

The Melancholy of Idols

By bluemist on May 9th, 2012

I give idols a hard time, figuratively speaking, before they can shut up and take my money. It’s not because I’m exclusively 2D-biased, but it’s because I don’t consider “idols” as a recommended entertainment source in my diet. Technically, I don’t follow real-life celebrities that closely. If you see me talk about AKB48, Mizuki Nana, or other specific examples of who you may call “idols”, it doesn’t necessarily mean that I follow their every move. I am not a Wota (idol otaku). In fact, I have a specific sense of hatred towards the idol business, especially the —48 kind. Their songs are garbage. Their promotion is overkill. They’re killing the JPOP industry. They’re focusing too much on otakus who are the only ones who probably have buying power in this absolutely dreadful world economy. If you consider moe~ness as the current cancer of anime, you could agree that idols are the current cancer of the entertainment culture. These are packaged entertainment properties suited to fit mainstream needs.

Yes, idol entertainment, I do hate them with a passion because of their packaged-ness. Their focus on pandering and not being creative. Their generic, seldom-unique stereotypes. Their fan-relationship lies that could never cater to my real desires of having deep relationships with a girl. I hate the fakeness, I hate it all. That said, we are horribly forgetting something quite important, or maybe it’s just me. Of all the flak I give idols, of all the rants and critiques I give them, sometimes I forget the realization that idols…

Idols… they are human beings too.
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