Seven-Year Anniversary!

By bluemist on April 30th, 2012


Seven years. It feels like eternity.

Once again, I’d like to thank you all for yet another successful year. Though comparably dead as opposed to many others, rest assured that this blog will stay the course. I actually blogged more comparably over the year compared to years before. PROGRESS.

Again, thank you to all readers, commenters and fellow bloggers. As usual you can catch me on the social networks. Also, please support the community and go vote in the Aniblog Tourney. Feel free to vote for me/this blog and also all others.

Until next time!

Introducing: Animeme Originals

By bluemist on April 27th, 2012

I used to have something called the Animeme project, which didn’t actually take off because of my lack of time. The point of it was to highlight the memes that I ran into and liked, but because it was manual labor and hard to maintain, I stopped updating those post series after a while. Meanwhile, I kinda like doing picture memes of my own, and I have shared some of those on my aniblog social networks.

So I’m introducing the Animeme Originals page here, which contains a picture gallery of all the meme pics I had done on my own. Some of it might be familiar to you (the Windows 8 Kyubey BSOD was I think the most popular… and funny), others just went past your speedy timelines, and so I had collected a few of them for your viewing pleasure. It’s not that many, and some maybe not that amusing, but hopefully it would tickle your fancy for a bit. Whenever I do those meme stuff again, I’ll post them on the social networks first then upload it here.

So without further introduction, here is my Animeme Originals page. Enjoy your stay.

Yoriko Kurono

By bluemist on April 7th, 2012

bluemist fiction series
Miya Maruyama
Natsuki Aoshima
Yoriko Kurono

Regret, and forget. This is what my music tells me.

“I’m sorry, Yoriko.”
His words would just strike through my heart like an emptiness spear. It would wound not my body but my own existence. Sakurai, he is not at fault. He simply likes another girl. It just so happens that it wasn’t me. I have to accept this.

Somehow I’ve convinced myself that I do accept this. I did not cry. Crying wasn’t my thing anyway. All I can do is shout. My beer drowns my throat, my rock music drowns my room. Maybe this is the difference between Sakurai and me. I know he likes sentimental songs. I even teased him for liking such.

“You know you can’t serenade someone with that anymore. Go with the times, man. Those stuff are quite embarrassing.” I explained.
“Who cares, I like what I like.” A simple answer from him.

I guess he’s right. Both in songs, and in love. “I like who I like”, I guess, as I pour down more of this stuff into me, slowly hallucinating a world where I couldn’t have done what I have done today. I drink another between night and blue, within darkness and colors, the hard, loud music of my soul would tell me things I wouldn’t understand at my state. This is how rejection feels like, eh?

Sakurai is my friend, and nothing changes that. Sakurai reassured me that. And so this pain is of just one day, or two. Tomorrow… wait… maybe the day after tomorrow. Once I’ve sobered up away from my alcohol. Once I’ve turned down the volume of this stereo. Once that happens, I can walk up to his house and wake him up again like the usual. With my loud bass headphones, I would annoy his sleep with a fierce banging from my favorite rock track into his ears. He would wake up, with that same angry expression on his face that I liked. And I would shout with my own angry words:

“Morning, damn sleepy head! Get up you fool!”

(to be continued.)

The secret of bluemist anime blog

By bluemist on April 1st, 2012

Hello there.

tsundere meganekko
There is something I’d like you to know. I am bluemist’s ex-boyfriend… at least, I’d like to think so.
Wait… before you confuse yourself, bluemist is not gay. bluemist was actually a girl. She was the original. I’m terribly sorry for hiding this all along, although I’d expect the current readers of this blog wouldn’t have caught her from years ago. She did this anime blog for two years (May 2005-Aug 2007) This site was actually a team blog for a bit. We were sharing this space. She was the “tsundere meganekko”.
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Black★Rock Shooter

By bluemist on March 24th, 2012

Black★Rock Shooter

I tend to like the “indie” side of entertainment. This is where creativity flourishes as opposed to the sometimes-generic packaged entertainment of bigger, more corporate companies and franchises. My likehood of Vocaloid music stems from that same vein, and as such, it is exciting to follow them from their humble, less popular roots and then bursting out into mainstream popularity like a whole forest of trees. This is the modern doujin revolution as I call it, where you create and share your ideas as much as the world allows you to. Black★Rock Shooter started out this way, from a series of drawings, then a popular song, and now it shot off into the mainstream with an OVA, a game, and this anime TV series which I am reviewing. The results, while satisfying overall, are mixed. I’ve prepared my guns and gone over to the Otherworld with this one.
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By bluemist on March 13th, 2012

Who am I?
And who do you think I am?
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