Cardcaptor Sakura

Cardcaptor Sakura


Status: Coming very soon!

This project will allow me to feature to certain extents the entire Cardcaptor Sakura anime series.

Cardcaptor Sakura is for me the best anime ever… period. By this time I should be convinced that no other anime will ever have the impact that Cardcaptor Sakura gave to me. Sakura is the most wonderful fictional character in the world, and with this the point of this entire project. I want to show everyone how good this anime can be, how undeniably cute Sakura can be, and that you are basically missing half your anime life if you have not watched this. Well, not exactly, but really, Cardcaptor Sakura is a great anime to watch. If you have never watched it, please do.

Again, I’m not promising that I could complete some parts of this project, but I will try the best I can to include as many features as possible. This will take a very, very long time, so please bear with me.

The Nelvana version (Cardcaptors) will never be included in the project. Period.

For clarity sake, I will be dating back all Cardcaptor Sakura posts to the year 1998, the year when the anime initially premiered in Japan. This is done in order to reduce clutter with the more recent postings I have in my blog. Please do check on this page and the other parts of my Sidebar to get the latest updates of this project.

hoe… hoe! hoe? hoeeee!!

Sakura’s hoe~ is her ultimate reaction word. You’ll hear it an insane number of times all throughout the Cardcaptor Sakura anime. My goal in the hoe~ project is to somehow count how many hoe~ Sakura has ever said! This is by no means accurate, as I may have missed some, but hopefully I can count all of them.

Aside from hoe~, I also have a number of collectives in mind:

Sakura Cosplay Corner – Every episode, Sakura has a different magical costume… literally. I’ll let you see most of them.
The Y Files – Dedicated to Yamazaki, resident story-teller in the Tomoeda Elementary School. Of course, some (all?) of them are lies! I’ll list all of them.
Touya’s Baito – The greatest mystery about Touya is that wherever Sakura-chan may be, he has some sort of part-time job. Here I will feature his part-time jobs.
Tomoeda – Here I will feature all interesting school activities (field trips, etc.) that happen in Sakura’s class.